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61, Канада, British Columbia, Nanaimo
A hopeful romantic that is calm, quiet, focused and abitious with a sense of humour. A good balance between home life and outdoor hiker- an explorer at heart in the outdoors; but most of all I am searching for a trusting loving woman and maybe more family!
Дата: 23 мар 2018
I love girl my e mail (СКРЫТО)
Дата: 25 сен 2017
37, Россия, Москва
i'm fiery russian girl
Дата: 08 окт 2012
40, Россия, Екатеринбург
Witty, pretty and wise
Дата: 15 июн 2012
46, Финляндия, Etela-suomen Laani
Blond long hair .....rocknroll player .....!!!
Дата: 28 авг 2016
i cant tell about my self let other to say it for me,well ia mwaiting for others to write leeters to me and we can have anice nice time in our life see you soon
Дата: 12 окт 2011
Alexei Shmakov
35, Россия, Новосибирск
I am looking for nice girl for serious relationship
Дата: 24 мар 2017
Be different or go to sleep! Here I start... Once upon a time an interview posted in the media... A: Would you please introduce yourself to us? B: Yea, of course sir, it's a big pleasure for me to be online now, and let me have the good opportunity to thank you for it! Well! my name is Youssef Mestour a.k.a Youme, I was born at 18th May 1982, in Zagora.. 690 Km far from Casablanca, the city I live in today...! A: Good! but can you give us more details? B : No sir, you'll be scared then..I don't care about you at all..why are you inviting me today? A : Ok Monsieur, we just want to know something about you, also exchange the point of view with you, and let the ppl who are interested in you, to know a little about you! B : y'know something? I don't care about that (Jokin) A: well, we will continue after the advertising break.. keep in touch with us!
Дата: 07 апр 2010
Ed Vinieratos
80, Россия, Москва
I'm an American man living in Moscow, Russia. I want to marry a Slavic lady. I'm an American man living in Moscow, Russia. I want to marry a Slavic lady.
Дата: 11 апр 2011
I am the person who use to take responsibility when it feels bad. I love people, mostly the smaller once (children) or older once(when becoming to second childehood). I love when somebody needs me, when I'm helpful. I'm friendly, loyal, romantic. When I'm late or there's another problem with time I'm messy. I am searching for a person that wakes up with a smile just because she seen me when ses woken up. person h I would see when waking up for nice start of day. I'm searching for real and serious relationship Also: I'm not rich but I'm able to support family if comes... I am searching for girl that will start her life with me so if you are more then year older then me please dont write after 30s search for person of your age, the age problem will othervise have to blow.
Дата: 11 фев 2013
Akhilesh Kumar
45, Индия, Maharashtra, Pune
Smart and good person for all type you , govt sevice in indian railway my name akhilesh kumar citzen of india Mahharstra Pune my choice good nature lady friend me
Дата: 09 ноя 2012
59, Россия, Ростов-на-Дону
Я художник.Ищу вокруг красоту и создаю ее сам,в этом и заключается моя жизнь.Люблю цветы,шум леса,запах травы,песни птиц и все,что живет простой и естественной жизнью.
Дата: 02 апр 2012
35, Индия, Maharashtra, Mumbai
Nice honest cool , likes to travell, likes rock and roll music .Literature, computer science, bike riding, sea beaches.Salman Rushdie, Gabriel Garcia Marquez, The Doors, Led ZEP,Grategul Dead ,Metallica, Cream. Travelled to Goa, Mumbai, Pune, Pondichery, Coorg, Hyderabad, Benares
Дата: 29 окт 2009
Simon Taylor
32, Великобритания, England, Sheffield
My name is Simon I am a 21 year old Advanced First Aider for St John Ambulance Derby. I am soon to hopefully be studying health sciences at college to become a paramedic. I am a volunteer fire fighter for Donington Park in Leicestershire and I have recently completed a college course in floral art and flower arranging. I love film and music as well as a wide variety of outdoor activities such as camping, cycling, kayaking and general activities. I like any type of music and film however I might have to cuddle up to you tight if it was a horror film :). I love comedy and jazz in particular. I go shopping and love browsing through shops like poundland. Im Learning sign language at present and hope to learn latin if i ever get round to it I am a very bubbly, caring person with a wild side. I am very random and silly with an awesome sense of humour and there is little that upsets and annoys me
Дата: 17 ноя 2010
34, Индия, Delhi, New Delhi
looking for partnr...whp is caring lovable...and natural...so if some one in interested in me please contact me....i m very funny guy and caring.......
Дата: 03 ноя 2010
Michael Quinlivan
34, США, Connecticut, Old Saybrook
i;m a single 24 year old from east haddam connecticut. I like to write songs and also i play guitar tooo. If you have any questions about myself and you can contact me at quinlivan.(СКРЫТО).
Дата: 27 мар 2011
Sanjay Jadav
28, Индия, Gujarat, Ahmedabad
just need someone from who i 've been separeted .i wish if she were even thinking of me somewhere and i just wanna see her once again and never let her go ...xxgfxdddddddddddddddddddddcvvgjhddddddddddryhfd hgdfgrddsssssssssssggggerh hghgfddfgdsdgdfgxdfgf
Дата: 15 ноя 2010
31, Индия, Jammu And Kashmir, Jammu
I'm free from mind,.. Honest, passionate and joyous i like same qualities in my partner........................................... ...................................
Дата: 16 ноя 2010

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