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LiveDating.me Является уникальным знакомства сайт, где католические общины могут объединиться и обсудить их значения, касающиеся религии, брака и любви. Приходите к нам, чтобы найти верный католической родственную душу для свободного онлайн знакомств и романтики среди тысяч синглов, которые приезжают из США, Великобритании и многое другое. Познакомьтесь красивые женщины и надежные люди, которые готовы войти в контакт с единомышленниками в Интернете. Наш бесплатный сервис знакомств католической обогащается с мощными функциями, которые оказались очень полезными в поиске матча своей. Настройте свой свободный католик профиль, просматривать профили других католических синглов, чат онлайн и наполнит вашу жизнь любовь и романтику. Вы стоите все шансы, чтобы найти тот, что нужно для знакомства католической или построить жизни отношения, если вы только пожелаете.
Xkimito Onemiss Zjebowski
29, Тайвань, T'ai-pei, Panchiao
Van Darkholme is my god
Дата: 25 окт 2016
cпокойная,честная, внешность обыкновеная, люблю читть книги и готовить
Дата: 26 мар 2018
Спокойный, добрый, музыкант-композитор. Ищу вторую половинку, такую же спокойную, добрую девушку:)
Дата: 17 янв 2018
52, Португалия, Lisboa, Oeiras
I am a young independent yet still unmarried seeking to find the woman for marriage age did matter and what is in the heart that counts
Дата: 11 фев 2013
i ,m parvaiz and i,m working in NGO called www.cause.com.pk.i,m directori have been to singapore mayalisa and phillppinesmdubai,srilanka. i love sport,i travel alot and i love cooking. i,m looking for some one specail . i,m very loving ,caring.i play cricket I would like to meet some one honest, kind, funny... And never take someone for granted. Hold every person close to your heart, becouse you might wake up one day and realized that you've lost a DIAMOND while you were to busy collecting stones.. I would like to meet some one honest, kind, funny...
Дата: 24 сен 2008
I am positive, laid back, quite open minded, and respect most all people and opinions, perhaps to a fault. I am accepting, supportive and encouraging. I'll be quite proud of your accomplishments. I may gently push you to confront any issues, but will not attempt to mold... will love, accept and respect. . I believe in strong communication between partners and working to keep the spark alive. The apple of my eye will know how sweet I am. I love innocence, uniqueness, creativity and truth. I find a sweet smile to be quite sexy. I don't believe in regret or bitterness. I believe in possibilities and joy. I am sensitive and a bit shy, but once I trust someone, I'll share my innermost feelings and will always be (at least) a good friend. . I will surprise you with flowers, a piece of jewelry or something little when you least expect it, not only when I'm in the dog house. ;) You will love it all, no matter the (lack of) expense, because material possessions are way down your list. . I love children, their innocence, energy, goofiness, amazing things they say, laughs, smiles, and pure honesty. I have the patience to be a wonderful father, if this path is chosen. I relate to children and do not talk down to them. I would intend (easy on paper) to consistently give them responsibility and consequence for their actions. . I enjoy traveling, love road trips, especially with my sweetheart. I enjoy cutting the gr *censored* and spacing out to the scenery – is this weird? . I'm looking for someone who is comfortable with herself, her life, and thinks for herself with a fair amount of independence. I'm not looking for anyone with a chip on her shoulder. I don't believe I can "make" you happy, but believe I can help enable your joys within. . I am looking for someone who appreciates the little things in life, and at times, is amazed by life
Дата: 09 фев 2014
Mark Horemans
34, Бельгия, Antwerpen, Lierre
ik ben 1.87 en68 kg ik zoek iemand waar ik mijn leven mee kan delen
Дата: 28 окт 2015
Дата: 16 фев 2012
Nejake Jmeno
41, Чехия, Vysocina
Kind, gently, reliable, faithfull.
Дата: 31 мар 2018
Jayden William Bowman
26, Австралия, New South Wales, Surry Hills
Im a kind guy :) I want to met a nice, beautiful girl
Дата: 28 апр 2012
Im a honest person and want and honest woman to shsre the rest of my life with.im the only son of an Italian man and an American woman.I have one son.I like golf and going to the stadium somuch.I do travel to many other countries too.
Дата: 09 мая 2012
Zsolt Varga
44, Венгрия, Budapest
.................................................. ............................
Дата: 05 июн 2012
36, Мадагаскар, Antsiranana
My name is georlophe,I am 29 years old. I come from Madagascar island and I live in Nosy Be town, I am sincere,serious,God fearing Man and has a sens of humor. I am looking for a true Love with a sincere,serious,God fearing and Good heart Woman.the very important to me is to find a good heart Woman has a beauty inside.
Дата: 09 июл 2012
i am a honest man,caring and lovely with manner of approach. i love to dance, and go for walks and eat out , cuddle up with the right one and watch movies, go to movies once in awhile, looking for that special someone who don't break hearts, and that is very honest about things, don't want someone who plays games, been there had it done to me and don't need it anymore. there is one thing people should understand, don't always look at the outside of the person look at the beauty within the person's heart that is gonna tell you all you need to know about him or her, looks don't always count unless your looking for a goddess. so please think about what's in a person's heart, they can give you all the LOVE you would ever need, and that's the most important thing about a person!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Дата: 08 дек 2014
hi im going through a divorce and have two children of which one 18 and left home but the other one here with me which one is disabled. i would like to see if we could become friends and possibly have a relationship. i am honest, caring, help other people and do martialarts.some peole ask if i am genuine as for what i have put and yes i am genuine. This is me the way i am
Дата: 28 сен 2014
I'm simply Man, very sensitive male ; )
Дата: 08 дек 2017
не курю не пъю живу в москве
Дата: 11 фев 2014
My name is Daniel Lucas, I am here for a long term relationship, Am loving and caring person
Дата: 27 ноя 2014

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