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57, США, Nevada, Reno
Iam honest,thouhtful,caring and have a good sense of humor Iam not a game player Ready to start a Serious Relationship (I want to love and be loved) I beleive in the golden rule treat people the way you want to be treated
Дата: 02 апр 2018
65, США, Washington
I am quiet, reserved, financially secure, enjoy boating, hiking, mountains, dining out, travel, do not smoke, enjoy red wine, movies either at home or cinema.
Дата: 13 мар 2011
29, США, Pennsylvania, Langhorne
I'm a laid back guy, just wanna meet people and have some fun before deployment. Into parties, and just thinking positively. Got alot ahread of me with Marines, so for now I wana find a cute *censored* chick to keep me preoccupied.
Дата: 27 ноя 2009
I am positive, laid back, quite open minded, and respect most all people and opinions, perhaps to a fault. I am accepting, supportive and encouraging. I'll be quite proud of your accomplishments. I may gently push you to confront any issues, but will not attempt to mold... will love, accept and respect. . I believe in strong communication between partners and working to keep the spark alive. The apple of my eye will know how sweet I am. I love innocence, uniqueness, creativity and truth. I find a sweet smile to be quite sexy. I don't believe in regret or bitterness. I believe in possibilities and joy. I am sensitive and a bit shy, but once I trust someone, I'll share my innermost feelings and will always be (at least) a good friend. . I will surprise you with flowers, a piece of jewelry or something little when you least expect it, not only when I'm in the dog house. ;) You will love it all, no matter the (lack of) expense, because material possessions are way down your list. . I love children, their innocence, energy, goofiness, amazing things they say, laughs, smiles, and pure honesty. I have the patience to be a wonderful father, if this path is chosen. I relate to children and do not talk down to them. I would intend (easy on paper) to consistently give them responsibility and consequence for their actions. . I enjoy traveling, love road trips, especially with my sweetheart. I enjoy cutting the gr *censored* and spacing out to the scenery – is this weird? . I'm looking for someone who is comfortable with herself, her life, and thinks for herself with a fair amount of independence. I'm not looking for anyone with a chip on her shoulder. I don't believe I can "make" you happy, but believe I can help enable your joys within. . I am looking for someone who appreciates the little things in life, and at times, is amazed by life
Дата: 09 фев 2014
Robert Chase Holden
34, США, Texas, Mc Camey
I am a kind white man, just looking for a nice girl to get to know. I hope one day to find my soulmate.
Дата: 05 ноя 2011
Matthew D Culpepper
26, США, South Carolina, Greenville
My name is Matt and I'm 18. I'm in college studying science and I hope to study either Astrophysics or Chemical Engineering. I love to read, play xbox, talk, and text. Im pretty much your average nice guy with a wise *censored* additude. I was raised in a christian home but my beliefs are extremely eccentric and open to all things. Both my parents are disabled so while I'm in college I'm staying home to take care of them. I'm into the occult and I love a good horror movie . Fantasy is my favorite genre for both books and movies. I have 2 piercings (left ear and tongue) and I'm trying to find a tattoo that I would like to have the rest of my life. I don't drive yet but I do work. Message me if you want, I'm looking for everything from a Serious relationship to friends, so I'll give anyone a shot. :) This is really the only picture i have on my phone and its pretty bad..... sorry. P.s. Yes I know my grammar is horrible.
Дата: 02 апр 2018
Nathan Spears
30, США, Kentucky, Madisonville
I am shy until I get to know somebody. Once I get to know somebody, I am fun to be around. My hobbies include going to church, traveling, swimming, going to movies, dancing, listening to music, and hanging out with friends.
Дата: 08 янв 2012
Nick Gibson
27, США, Florida, St. Petersburg
If you want to know just feel free to ask.
Дата: 05 сен 2012
Scott Tyler Nelsen
28, США, Minnesota, Cloquet
im a really chilled and laid back guy i love animals and one of my beliefs is not to judge a person by their looks i believe in talking to people with a great personality because if your personalities dont mesh well how can you live with the person?
Дата: 06 апр 2012
Zachary E
26, США, Pennsylvania, Tannersville
im an open person im active hobbies are working out cooking singing rapping writting poetry watching movies swimming umm i like going out and just relaxing at home being lazy om passionet affectionet possitive im never negative theres allways a positive side to even the worst problems im vary understanding i am playful funny i can hold a convo thats intresting an not just somthing i want to talk about lol i guess not to toot my own horn am a all around good guy lol
Дата: 16 апр 2012
John Nichols
30, США, California, Sacramento
currently out of the army and trying to meet cute singles that want to hook up and possibly become more
Дата: 14 апр 2012
31, США, Michigan, Dearborn Heights
Just moved to this area, hoping this site will help me find a good girl.
Дата: 26 апр 2012
Erick Martinez
28, США, California
I'm a real cool guy get to know me :)
Дата: 17 апр 2012
Im a honest person and want and honest woman to shsre the rest of my life with.im the only son of an Italian man and an American woman.I have one son.I like golf and going to the stadium somuch.I do travel to many other countries too.
Дата: 09 мая 2012
I am a 48 year old married but separated male and have been for 2 and 1/2 years. Disabled US Navy Veteran but not broken yet. I love kids have two step daughters 21 and 33, one son 16. I would welcome more and consider having more. Well those are the high lights if you want to know more contact me.
Дата: 02 ноя 2014
Mathew Boyd
68, США, California, San Diego
I am intelligent, loyal, stylish, very masculine and with a charismatic nature. I have good and ethical family value. I am well-educated and i believe so much in an altruist nature of human. I have a great sense of humor which helps me to overcome difficulties in life. I always try each day to make more friends for me and less enemies so you can consider me as an easy-going man. I am romantic in my own way with a heart tender with so much concern and care for anyone who makes me wanna. I don't want to waste anyone's time here so i believe anyone i wants to hook up with should be the same.
Дата: 27 мар 2013
Robert Lawrence
59, США, Tennessee, Dyersburg
I'm a man of integrity.I love sports ,especially football.in single love with my 2dogs.I'm old-school i still be live in opening doors,pulling out chairs.I'm a gentleman.anything else ask me.
Дата: 25 янв 2016
60, США, Nevada, Las Vegas
I'm 56, divorced, have 2 grown children, Live alone,retired. I run 40 to 45 miles a week which gives me stamina and drive of a younger man. Looking for fun and or companionship
Дата: 23 ноя 2016

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