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Vegetarians, Travel ,Novelty
Дата: 06 сен 2016
Xkimito Onemiss Zjebowski
30, Тайвань, T'ai-pei, Panchiao
Van Darkholme is my god
Дата: 25 окт 2016
David Mok
52, Тайвань, T'ai-pei, Taipei
Hi! I'm looking for people to hang out with, go shopping, explore Taiwan and learn new langauges with. i'M GREAT AT COOKING AND BAKING. I currently live in the Taipei area.
Дата: 03 ноя 2008
52, Тайвань, T'ai-pei
loving and caring,looking for one last love....
Дата: 03 июл 2012
48, Тайвань, T'ai-pei, Taipei
I live in a warm, happy and full of love family which cultivates my tender, kind-hearted and filiar character. I love my parents and my daughter very much. And they love me too. I like playing tennis and volleyball to keep my shape. The last failed marriage makes me single many years but also makes me stronger. I had to raise my daughter by myself at that time. But now my child is basically independent. I am eager to end my single life and find someone love me. I would like to share my life with my one and only!
Дата: 07 фев 2017
28, Тайвань, T'ai-wan
Fun kinda guy
Дата: 19 ноя 2015
Дата: 20 авг 2017
Wang Ru-Zhen
31, Тайвань, T'ai-pei, Taipei
Дата: 23 авг 2017
Дата: 20 янв 2012
Sharon Joy Magno
42, Тайвань, T'ai-pei, Taipei
simply me
Дата: 06 окт 2011
Дата: 03 окт 2011
Дата: 23 окт 2012
smilehumanbeing Skype:smilehumanbeing Twitter:smilehumanbeing Snapchat:smilehumanbeing ask.fm/smilehumanbeing vk.com/smilehumanbeing friendlife.com/smilehumanbeing#Taiwan#台灣
Дата: 15 окт 2016
I am an honest, intelligent, independent, courage, adventure, responsibility, friendly, gentle kind-Hearted, care for people, creation. I am doing Women Fashion Design and Production business. Shallow fate of the deep fate, so it goes: countless encounters, sad feeling, perhaps sad, perhaps expecting, perhaps reluctantly, finally got enlightenment, as try to keep the mind clear, lightly and smile. See flowers blossom and whispering. Fate come and fate gone. There are something I do not say, I do not ask, it does not mean I do not care. Once, who for whom presumptuous cry. You are the sand which blowing into my eyes, blurred my eyes, can not see what is the sky look.
Дата: 07 июн 2015
put ur trust in the lord,he shall make a way for you. Hi my name is larry wanna meet anybody out there as a friend.haha will u lik to meet me?///
Дата: 02 июл 2007
i'm a student .i living single i hope i should happy. i have somthing friend. they study with me thank you
Дата: 31 авг 2007
Mils Chao
43, Тайвань, T'ai-pei, Taipei
LOVE POOR GIRL CHINA MALE.,not nandsand for china girl mmm
Дата: 26 окт 2007
Vu Thanh Trung
33, Тайвань, T'ai-wan, T'ai-chung
i happynessa hffadddfsddd
Дата: 16 апр 2009


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