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Netherlands (sometimes it also called as Holland) is a North-West Europe country. It borders Belgium, Germany, Belgium, Germany, the United Kingdom and North Sea to the north and west. Netherlands has height level of economy. Type of government is parliamentary democracy. The capital of the Netherlands is Amsterdam.
Holland is a unique country that not look like others: Interesting fact about Netherlands is that people using bicycles as a transport more then anywhere in the world (there is 16 million bicycles); It is first country in the world who legalised mostly everything that for rest nations is not unacceptable, like: light drugs, prostitution, euthanasia etc.
Dutch people are the tallest people in the world: men near 1.85 m (6.07 ft), women 1,70 m (5,5 ft). They are tolerant and gentle people. Communicate with Dutch via LiveDating.me.
44, Нидерланды, Utrecht
hi..nice to meet u! I'm looking for a girl having the right touch. Comparison in several ways is very important. hi..nice to meet u! I'm looking for a girl having the right touch. Comparison in several ways is very important.
Дата: 07 ноя 2007
Dirk De Vries
36, Нидерланды, Zuid-holland, Spijkenisse
Hi there, I'm Dirk from the netherlands. I am a 24 year old bisexual guy and want to come in contact with interresting people. I like talking about *censored* and relations, also I like to look at people. if you want to come in contact with me, please sent me your email adres.
Дата: 03 дек 2008
*censored* o stranger my name is nick and i am 23 years young ;) haha i am here because im looking for someone who want to start a serious relation. someone who likes to travel go to the cinema to please and love each other. mail or messeger me (СКРЫТО)
Дата: 09 ноя 2010
i am a honest man,caring and lovely with manner of approach. i love to dance, and go for walks and eat out , cuddle up with the right one and watch movies, go to movies once in awhile, looking for that special someone who don't break hearts, and that is very honest about things, don't want someone who plays games, been there had it done to me and don't need it anymore. there is one thing people should understand, don't always look at the outside of the person look at the beauty within the person's heart that is gonna tell you all you need to know about him or her, looks don't always count unless your looking for a goddess. so please think about what's in a person's heart, they can give you all the LOVE you would ever need, and that's the most important thing about a person!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Дата: 08 дек 2014
My name is Henry,am nice,honest,easy going,decent,neat guy,i have good sense of humor,and i also have a lot of drive in me.i like traveling,sporting activities,hanging-out with friends during leisure time,and so many to mention for now.
Дата: 25 мар 2014
My name is Michel and i am an easy going,goodlooking Guy of 43 years young.i have my own house,car and work.i have lots of hobby's and things to do in my spare time and therefore i am searcing for a goodlooking girl to share this with.
Дата: 18 июн 2014
My name is Daniel Lucas, I am here for a long term relationship, Am loving and caring person
Дата: 27 ноя 2014
42, Нидерланды, Noord-holland
I am very sensitive and tender. I am also very vulnerable. That is why I do not like any kind of lie, and that is why I am always honest with people. I can be compared with calm and deep water. I like to give more than to take. That is why people like to be with me. I am also very reliable; not only in work, but also in relations. I have a very good intuition and it tells me that I am going the right way. I like to be different. That is why I like to do a lot of things. I adore to study new people and this life in whole. I adore animals. I am very sociable. That is why I like to spend time with my family and friends. I try to keep fit. I am here which means that I have a very big interest in finding my only one man.I want my life partner to be very friendly, tender, and kind. I want to have somebody to care for, but he must also be ready to treat me good. My own family is very important to me. That is why I am looking for a family-oriented man. But the main thing for me in relationships, is harmony in everything. It means that we should respect, understand, and be ready to listen to each other any time we need it; and of course, be ready to support each other hard moments.please add me to gmail hang out possible way I can hang out am online hang out
Дата: 29 дек 2017
54, Нидерланды, Zuid-holland, Dordrecht
Hi I' m a funloving man from Holland with s.o.h willing to make friends with you.I am an adventurer I wantto cross the world get to know people.Should be nice if we make friends and visite to eachother having fun. Your race your homeplace does not matter.If you are kindly and hospitable I would be anxious to make friends with you.Life challenges us it is a great adventure take the chance to see all his beautiful secrets.I will be waiting for your email.
Дата: 22 фев 2018
29, Нидерланды, Noord-holland
I love making new friends
Дата: 28 сен 2016
Jochem Daalman
58, Нидерланды, Drenthe, Assen
Nothing to tell
Дата: 10 дек 2017
cosmopolitan, fun, love to fly my plane, speak 8 languages, travel around, look for soul mate, the world is my playground, it is time to make a commitment, get married and get a child, or children
Дата: 17 окт 2007
waasup girls My name is Rizzy Kelly.am a loving, caring, passionate and romantic person. i like wiriting song, dancing and shopping. open-minded ,easy going, i respect people and expect to be treated with respect. 4real i like fun.
Дата: 14 июл 2007
53, Нидерланды, Noord-holland, Amsterdam
a hard working man who is trying to find a good friend *censored*
Дата: 05 июн 2012
Garry John
59, Нидерланды, Drenthe, Emmen
trustworthy , honest , loving and caring . I am looking for a nice woman who is also honest and trustworthy , loving and caring . for a long and happy relationship !
Дата: 16 июн 2013
i am robbgroningengmail..divorced have one beautiful doughter of 10 years..i am a teacher living in the Netherlands, i like sports hockey tennis, running, ski swimming and like the sun and summer
Дата: 18 ноя 2008
35, Нидерланды, Zuid-holland, The Hague
i'm a healthy young and atheletic guy like to party chill on the couch or go to the beach, I like to find faithfull woman that are not narrow-minded as some of these girls are.. there's alot in the world so be open to it...
Дата: 11 авг 2008
I am a decent reliable very passionate very romantic single man in Holland, I am interested in sports & music, I love to travel - I know how to treat a Lady
Дата: 22 янв 2009

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