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The Republic of Lithuania situated in the Northern of the Europe. It borders Belarus, Latvia, Russia, Poland and the Baltic Sea. After separation from Soviet Union the economy of Lithuania raised very quickly. The official language is Lithuanian. However you will find a lot of people speaking Russian and English. The country has very beautiful nature with dark forest and beautiful lakes. People of Lithuania are well known as hard workers. The are calm and easy going people. The family and traditions is main for Lithuanians. You can know more about this wonderful please and find your Lithuanian love via LiveDating.me.
62, Литва, Vilniaus Apskritis
About me speak so: intelligent, clever, kind, fair, cheerful, charming, elegant. I work in the large company. I like to travel, have a rest at the warm sea, to visit concerts and theatre, to go on a bicycle, to walk, dance, joke. I love the nature.
Дата: 18 июн 2011
48, Литва, Vilniaus Apskritis, Vilnius
Дата: 11 дек 2008
50, Литва, Vilniaus Apskritis
Дата: 19 сен 2016
48, Литва, Kauno Apskritis, Kaunas
Dobri,nezni i ochen laskovy medvezonok ischuschi svoju jedinstvenuju i ne povtorimuju kotoraja zachochit jego priruchit!!! ;)Poznakomlius s strojnoj devuskoj ili zenschinoj!!!
Дата: 03 дек 2012
I nice good men....looke here the new friend from all world or mybe find you.if you want know more about me just ask me and I tell you more about me....
Дата: 18 мар 2008
41, Литва, Klaipedos Apskritis
Ask and I tell you about...yesss
Дата: 10 апр 2009
*censored* o, i'm Kestas from Lithuania. My hobbies traveling, movies, internet, soccer, baseball, basketball, football and others:)I'm looking friends from all world.
Дата: 20 окт 2011
I'm studying electrical engineering at university. My free times I spent with friends. I like dancing. Addicted to movies, good movies. Write to me and we will talk about that if you want to something more.
Дата: 20 окт 2011
27, Литва, Vilniaus Apskritis
I'm kind, inteligent, friendly person. I like speaking with friends so i think we could be both together :)
Дата: 23 мар 2011
30, Литва, Klaipedos Apskritis, Klaipeda
Дата: 23 авг 2011
29, Литва, Klaipedos Apskritis, Klaipeda
ask me................................................ .................................................. .....
Дата: 14 мар 2012
aktivus poilsis
Дата: 27 апр 2012
No money,no honey:)
Дата: 22 авг 2013
Looking for girl from 23-30 to time :-)
Дата: 20 сен 2014
30, Литва, Vilniaus Apskritis
Lithuanian girl looking for a serious relationship. Ready to relocate. If you know how to treat a woman - message me:)
Дата: 18 дек 2014
34, Литва, Vilniaus Apskritis
Vesioli prastoj paren
Дата: 25 июн 2017
36, Литва, Vilniaus Apskritis, Vilnius
My personality is a mix of confident, outgoing,sometimes shy, down to earth, loyal & caring. My sense of humour is subtle, but quite cheeky at times. Love good conversation, with some sparkling wit. Favourite things, expensive tastes or simple pleasures, meeting friends, swimming, sun warm on my face, sunsets on the beach, good wine & food, lazy mornings, action packed afternoons & evenings. Listening to loud music, creative pursuits.
Дата: 20 ноя 2010
Hi my name is Irma and i am super optimistick girl who love to make surprice.At the moment i am single because only true love can make me save and fight for real nice rilation ship.Love sport,dancing and people with good humouer feeling;)
Дата: 15 дек 2010

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