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France is a country of Western Europe with several islands located in Indian, Pacific, and Atlantic oceans. The president Nicolas Sarkozy. The capital of France is Paris. Since seventeen century France have had very big influence on European and world culture by their art, fashion and literature. French people are Catholics. French people are very communicative and open people, but they don't smile so much. Communicate and Chat with French singles to know more about their culture and way of life using LiveDating.me.
41, Франция, Haute-normandie
I am a very young,charming and caring young man who has the interest of others at heart.... .
Дата: 13 янв 2010
52, Франция, Rhone-alpes, Lyon
In some words ... honest and sincer man looking for a so sincer woman to love and to be loved by. i want to share my life with her and build a happy and strong family.
Дата: 13 июл 2014
41, Франция, Ile-de-france, Vincennes
Paris is beatifull but i love to travel and meet new culture. I also love reading, cooking and learning. I enjoy breathing every second of life and would be happy to discuss with you.
Дата: 08 сен 2011
34, Франция, Midi-pyrenees
I am 24 years-old and I work in Toulouse. I am looking for a woman for a serious relationship. I am gentle, faithfull and ambitious and I am looking for someone who is about the same age as me.
Дата: 29 ноя 2011
I the serios the man , honest , very hard working looking for Love !!! I love the nature, animals and the Beautioful buut the Harmonious the woman , I want to find the Big and t he Harmonious the Woma , from Ukraine , or Russia ; in the age is not important , from : 22 to 45 year old.
Дата: 21 сен 2016
52, Франция, Centre, Orleans
sensible, attentionné cherche femme charmante pour vie de couple saine te sereine.
Дата: 25 июн 2012
Peter Smith
41, Франция, Lorraine
Mr Nice Guy
Дата: 27 ноя 2011
50, Франция, Ile-de-france, Paris
Search model
Дата: 19 ноя 2012
Sheikh Bilal
34, Франция, Ile-de-france, Paris
Searching my special one............;
Дата: 31 авг 2013
young and restless ;)
Дата: 26 янв 2018
I am a nice and caring person
Дата: 15 янв 2018
41, Франция, Nord-pas-de-calais, Lille
simple,modest,generous............................ ..................................if u want to know more just ask me !!! i am pleased to tell you more.
Дата: 08 апр 2017
Dupont Nicolas
34, Франция, Rhone-alpes, Lyon
Hi everybody, im a french guy, im Nicolas, im 23, im a business man in France...so now if you want to know me better...feel free to ask me, it will be a pleasure...
Дата: 15 дек 2008
Titi Thierry
53, Франция, Ile-de-france
simple, directe,
Дата: 06 мар 2018
53, Франция, Lorraine
search beautiful woman Write me to (СКРЫТО) search beautiful woman search beautiful woman search beautiful woman search beautiful woman search beautiful woman
Дата: 25 янв 2013
34, Франция, Ile-de-france, Paris
I'm called Rémy, Im 26 and French. Iam originally nfrom the south east of France. The time is flying too fast, and the only thing which is missing in my life is a princess to make me happy. I would give her all my love ! I am looking for a serious relationship based on respect, confidence, and complicity. I like to go skiing when I have time ( 2 Alpes), to do some sports like volleyball, climbing, dancing (Rock) and going out with friends, partying, going to the cinema reading books/cartoons...
Дата: 23 фев 2018
62, Франция, Basse-normandie
I am a quiet, posed, romantic, loyal, faithful, generous, affectionate man. I’m a little shy with people I do not know, but I can also be very talkative on the subjects that fascinate me. Despite my serious look, I have a sense of humour and I like to laugh a lot. I am interested in many things around me : news, nature, travelling, culture, art, some sports and my passion has been photography for over 30 years. I love cars and everything related to cars in general. My biggest dream trip is to visit Australia and of course to bring back a lot of unforgettable memories and stunning photos of this fascinating country. To me true love is a strong feeling that harmoniously blends physical attraction, affection and spiritual understanding. I think the woman who will cause this passion in me exists somewhere and I want to find her. When I have found her, she will become my reason for living and can expect everything from me. No need to say that she will become my most special photo model !
Дата: 23 сен 2017
41, Франция, Ile-de-france
I'm seeking for a serious lady for a serious relationship why ont mariage
Дата: 30 мар 2018

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