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50, Франция, Ile-de-france, Paris
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Дата: 19 ноя 2012
Sheikh Bilal
34, Франция, Ile-de-france, Paris
Searching my special one............;
Дата: 31 авг 2013
34, Франция, Ile-de-france, Paris
I'm called Rémy, Im 26 and French. Iam originally nfrom the south east of France. The time is flying too fast, and the only thing which is missing in my life is a princess to make me happy. I would give her all my love ! I am looking for a serious relationship based on respect, confidence, and complicity. I like to go skiing when I have time ( 2 Alpes), to do some sports like volleyball, climbing, dancing (Rock) and going out with friends, partying, going to the cinema reading books/cartoons...
Дата: 23 фев 2018
64, Франция, Ile-de-france, Paris
Pla *censored* sports: Basketball, Handball, Soccer, Mountain Bike, Fitness, Ténnis, and Athletics. My Musical Tastes: Jazz, Blues, Ragtime, Gospel Song, Opera, Classic, French Variety, Reggaie, Rap, Rnb, Afro-Cuban, Afro- Beat, Bossanova, Chinese Music, Oriental Music, Russian Folklore... A special mention for the song: "Moscow Nights", interpreted by "the Read Army Choir. Another Spécial mention to the Cuban group "Buena Vista Social Club" composed of older musicians. My favourite classical composers: Valentin Sylvestrov, Rimski Korsakov, Igor Stravinski, Eric Sati, Hector Berlioz, Olivier Messiaen, Chevalier de Saint Georges, Claude Debussy, Gabriel Fauré, Piotr Ilyitch Tchakovski, Mendelsson Bartoldi, Jules Massenet, Camille Saint-Saens, Anton Dvorak, Wolfgang Mozart, George Gershwin... Some chosen books: Krishna Murthi (of education), Mark Aurel (the thoughts of épictète) Leopold Sedar Senghor (what I believe) Albert Camus (the foreigner) Claude Levis Strauss (elementary structures of the consanguinity), Roland Barthe (fragments of a loving speech), Alexandre Dumas (3 musketeers), Jean Piaget (the building of knowledge)... My artistic Tastes: Kandinsky, Magritte, Ernst, Chagal, Picasso, Klee, Giacometti, Chirico, Vlaminck, Delacroix, *censored* aro, Lautrec, Degas... About my character: I am calm, lively, strict, perfectionist and easy going.
Дата: 29 сен 2013
55, Франция, Ile-de-france, Paris
I m Cameron from paris i 43 years old i i m born in paris i live in near paris actually i m single no children and still looking for a partner i m working as a computer manager it s amazing how many women there is in your country i just looking for the good one and take a long time to choose i have a lot a interest in life sport travel artistic hobbies good restaurant
Дата: 08 авг 2008
37, Франция, Ile-de-france, Paris
Simple, open minded, serious but humourous too !!!! I'm just a nice and respectuous guy from Paris and i''m looking for a young woman with the same characteristics.
Дата: 03 ноя 2010
35, Франция, Ile-de-france, Paris
What can I say about myself? Hum ... I am an only child with my parents, I am an easy going boy, shy, caring, who loves life, women, finer things in life and I like things as they come and I live from day to day, following my moral and my inspiration. A quiet boy, but sometimes clumsy, stubborn, whose feet are on ground, intellectual and sometimes serious. I have been in many places around the world since I was young, my father used to travel a lot of for his work, so, he took us
Дата: 07 фев 2013
36, Франция, Ile-de-france, Paris
Looking for a serious girl
Дата: 29 янв 2018
68, Франция, Ile-de-france, Paris
Normal human being searching normal human being! Searching for:Sincerity/honesty/intelligence (intelligence and emotional)/integrity
Дата: 29 авг 2014
47, Франция, Ile-de-france, Paris
i'm 35 years old, i'm from Paris, France. i'm looking for a kind, honest, faithful, loving woman. i'm looking for a serious relationship. looking forwards to hear from you soon
Дата: 16 янв 2009
36, Франция, Ile-de-france, Paris
Дата: 03 июн 2008
39, Франция, Ile-de-france, Paris
I would be pleased to meet funny people. I like dance and music. I like travelling and go to good restaurant. What about you ? I hope there will be somone interesting on this site.
Дата: 21 янв 2009
El Mehdi
36, Франция, Ile-de-france, Paris
My name is El Mehdi About my character:::: I have the Idea of (wanting to change the world in some way--to make the world a better place)i often have big dreams and plans to make people happy. i'm a hard-working. After all, i'm attracted to the good things in life i'm Loyal, and sometimes rather traditional i have very noble inner code that i want answer to i have self-importance at work, and this characteristic works in unexpected ways. Instead of being the conceited, self-absorbed show-offs of re *censored* tion, i'm usually very self-aware, self-conscious, and, yes, even humble. Shortly : I'm masterful, likes authority, aspires towards an ideal. i likes to give advice. i'm honest, frank, loyal, open and sincere.i identify strongly with the image i present to others. i make an impression on others -- i have "presence" -and i know it.I'm self-conscious, although i may prefer to project a strong image i can solve Problem,i'm creative self-expression, romance, entertainment, children "childlike", and gambling. Surious
Дата: 29 мар 2009
Dj Driss.z
41, Франция, Ile-de-france, Paris
hi al how are you... im from paris ..lookin fro a women...
Дата: 17 апр 2009
39, Франция, Ile-de-france, Paris
Дата: 12 дек 2007
49, Франция, Ile-de-france, Paris
easy going and love the beauty offff life....;i don't really like to talk about myself just to say how ..i fell great...and iam happy ....that it ...
Дата: 23 дек 2008
Phill Bankz
48, Франция, Ile-de-france, Paris
like they say no body is perfect, but i can make a diffrent. don,t forget there is no harm in trying, and love is not for players but for those who have a heart to accomodate it when it comes around them.
Дата: 26 авг 2008
Marc Prince
50, Франция, Ile-de-france, Paris
Cool, elegant, nice, gentleman style, I like enjoying life with style. Looking for a nice charmant wife for love & fun and share the best of our lives.
Дата: 31 янв 2009

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