Bobbie Wright

47, США, Texas, Austin

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Дата рождения/возраст 05 мая 1972, 47 лет
Пол Мужчина
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I was an athlete for 18 years however, I do not work out at a gym. I prefer to get my exercise swimming, playing volleyball, jet skiing, and in most any other way where I'm active and having fun! I am a very affectionate person who enjoys cuddling on the couch while watching Grey's Anatomy, Desperate Housewives, Brothers & Sisters, How I Met Your Mother, Lost, The First 48, 20/20 or CNN/MSNBC. I am considerate and thoughtful and I expect the same in return. I am known for writing love notes and hiding them in various places and buying cards that speak my emotions and I'd love to find a woman who is my mirror image in showing adoration. Basically I conduct my life and especially my relationships by doing what I would want done for me. I believe that if you are truly in love with someone, you put that person first and make them a priority

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