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Maxi Danilov
41, Austria, Tirol, Innsbruck
Горнолыжный инструктор
Date: 15 May 2016
I'm kind , caring and conciderate. Loyalty is key. With it everything can be resolved. I like travelling but want to do a lot more. I like to play racket and cue sports as well as watch them. I would like to go out for more meals just need to find that person to do it with.
Date: 20 Jun 2010
Robert Chase Holden
35, United States, Texas, Mc Camey
I am a kind white man, just looking for a nice girl to get to know. I hope one day to find my soulmate.
Date: 05 Nov 2011
35, Russia, Moscow
My name is Katerina. I am from Moscow.I have the son of 2 years old. I am faithful, loving, romantic, kind, sensitive, attractive, cheerful. I like walking, travelling, reading, coocking, listening to music.
Date: 01 Feb 2014
Yanick ,mut
33, Australia, Queensland, Rockhampton
I am Michael, and I am currently a student. I like swimming, watching movies, playing soccer and reading any interesting book, it doesn't matter what it is. Yeah, I don't know what else to say if you have anything in mind , please ask.
Date: 15 Apr 2010
work in Computer, am also a Certified Natural Health Professional – Hope and pray one day to open a Wellness Center. Religion: Christian (Assembly of God), Hair: Dark Brown and a touch of Gray. Ancestry: Scotchish/Irish. Brother: Identical Twin. I try to show people who I am on the inside as well as out. I give all the passion (heart and soul), love in everything I do or try to give it to all the people (friends, etc) that I know. Activities & Interests: museums, movies, family, reading (Natural Health and the Bible), socializing with friends, traveling, -enjoying new places, walking, watching television (movies, news, documentaries), in/out door sports: bowling, volleyball, hiking. I am honest, sensitive, careful, tender (soft), loving and a very sensual man (who will give a woman everything she needs and all that I have). I would like to share my happiness someone special for the rest of my life. I am witting, easy-going, very romantic & passionate and feel that I’m not bad looking guy and enjoy the simple things in life. Favorite Music: Contemporary Christian, 50s-late 70s Disco, Slow, Jazz, etc. Drink Socially, Don’t Smoke (Am allergic to it – if you can smoke in designated place it would be appreciated).
Date: 10 Nov 2013
witty, with a good sense of humor, attractive and ensible
Date: 21 May 2012
62, Russia, Moscow
Vegetarian 25 years,5 last as vegan. Very open, crative nature.
Date: 08 Feb 2018
Looking for a sincere relationship, eventually leading to marriage
Date: 26 Dec 2011
62, United States, Texas, Killeen
tell you later
Date: 13 Nov 2015
35, Kazakhstan, Almaty
готова выйти замуж, но только за адекватного мужчину. Чтобы любил, холил лелеял и уважал. в замен подарю детей, уют домашнего очага, и любовь. Готова переехать.
Date: 20 Nov 2010
52, Iran, Tehran
romantic, happy, kind heart, art lover, warm and with sense of humor man who loves to make his soulmate happy. I'm a good listener. I'm family oriented. I love to make the space of home lovely, romantic and poetic. my interests are art, nature, beach, exercise, jogging, running, cycling, swimming, badminton and aerobic. I love healthy life.
Date: 29 Oct 2017
Хочу любить.....
Date: 14 Feb 2018
Innocent Princess
30, Japan, Hokkaido, Sapporo
*LiveDateSearch/LiveDating is the BEST overall!* Hullo, privet! Что нового? Wot got me here, uh, maybe wishing there's a good ol' knight-in-shining-armour thingy still? I know it's a tad cheesey lol, but mean a loyal person who doesn't treat girls like stuff... Y'know am still a human w/ feelings, who wud want to be used-up? I'm intentionally "saving" myself until marriage. Я не делаю добрачный секс lol *ahem* tho' I'm not that religious, just making myself sublime (I'm NO dating troll or pro-d8r!). But remember I'm not rushing for marriage coz I wanna stay unrestrained as ur friend before settle down. Eventually, but marriage isn't my goal. I know life is questionable, but u can't change atrocious ppl and u r better to focus on wholesome things! Perhaps we only live once, then why u waste on badasses and disgrace ur innocent spirit? Ok folks, time for my cliché *on the mic* I'm smoke/alcohol free (never even smoked), no vegan... Hobbies/Interests... prolly I'm on the creative side, do something w/ my hands like sewing and handwork, design, drawing, mediaeval/castles, weight-training, blah. I can play m-a-n-l-y video games like boys do and am good at it. Ppl tell me I'm talented at various things, but one thing I'm awful ...Cooking, duh. Even my skillful hands go clumsy at it, dunno why... My taste in music? I'm not a chart chaser and I even listen to the 90s if I'm in the mood coz good music doesn't rot. But genre, I wudn't feel hot in typical Eurobeat like a guy in speedo wud grind back n forth. I grew up w/ Industrial Rock, Funk, Electronica, some Pop... Otherwise, I'm not a brandname chaser. Simply I ain't interested and I use even cheap if the design is good! Diamonds ain't my best friend, but at least a note of warm message is my best friend :) Remember ur handmade wins against any brandname bags. My purpose of using here, well I go w/ a friendship first. Time tells afterward. If it may escalates to a relationship, I prefer a man without children coz it's hard to be the perfect mom of children-in-law. Preferably no divorced man as well unless reasons for divorce is terrifying... I ain't picky about ur looks unless u r "life-threatening" obese. Stay fit and alive, if u like me. The soldiers looking for one-night-stand, not me. I'm too innocent for that wild thing :/ Needless to say, NO drug users. No more unsolicited thang pics coz they just turn me off! BTW my pics intentionally state Copyrighted coz some ppl stole my pic and used it. Trust me, I am the real McCoy *waves*
Date: 12 Mar 2018
35, Australia, Victoria, Melbourne
Im 165 cm slim build long brown hair brown eyes
Date: 12 Jan 2018
Joel Ryan Bailey
42, United States, Kentucky, Whitesburg
redneck racer hopefully found miss right she is the best thing that happened to me she is cute and has such a wonderful heart hope she is for real because i am
Date: 10 Jul 2012
I am just a simple kind of girl. I am not into fancy things but do love to be romanced. I am a truck driver so I am away from home alot. Work and family is everything to me but I love going out when I am at home.
Date: 21 Sep 2011
I like cake don't like peanut butter love milk don't like coffee creamer love life god my family n friends and women and if you don't like me at least pray for me to change what it is you don't like about me
Date: 30 Jun 2012

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