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Matthew D Culpepper
27, United States, South Carolina, Greenville
My name is Matt and I'm 18. I'm in college studying science and I hope to study either Astrophysics or Chemical Engineering. I love to read, play xbox, talk, and text. Im pretty much your average nice guy with a wise *censored* additude. I was raised in a christian home but my beliefs are extremely eccentric and open to all things. Both my parents are disabled so while I'm in college I'm staying home to take care of them. I'm into the occult and I love a good horror movie . Fantasy is my favorite genre for both books and movies. I have 2 piercings (left ear and tongue) and I'm trying to find a tattoo that I would like to have the rest of my life. I don't drive yet but I do work. Message me if you want, I'm looking for everything from a Serious relationship to friends, so I'll give anyone a shot. :) This is really the only picture i have on my phone and its pretty bad..... sorry. P.s. Yes I know my grammar is horrible.
Date: 02 Apr 2018
41, United States, Connecticut
New here, just checking this out! I don't go on these sites often but I don't really go to clubs or bars so let's see what happens!
Date: 10 Oct 2016
43, Portugal, Braga
Looking for serious relationship I love to travel vlogging, camping, cinema, beach, be around a fire and searching for unknown :)
Date: 22 Mar 2018
Gary Lynn Mcclintock
49, United States, Missouri, West Plains
I am a very fun loving and easy going la *censored* back sort of person. I like to Watch Animes and Wrestling and Some Realty T.V. I also like to play Computer and Video Games and Watch Movies and Listen to Music.
Date: 11 Dec 2015
33, Ukraine, Krivoi Rog
Super authentic freak. I am always different but I need only one man.
Date: 28 Oct 2011
Простой парень который ищет друзей может нетоко друзей=)
Date: 29 Aug 2011
Christopher Chamberlain
31, United States, New York, Henrietta
I am an artistic and geeky sort of individual. I am a musician as well and play guitar. I am a student at MCC and i am going for a degree in Commercial Art.
Date: 17 Nov 2010
32, India, Jharkhand
Wanna a sweet, naughty n lovely girlfriend for chatting, romancing & dating. I am very friendly n cool in nature. I love enjoying parties, going out wid friends & asweet pleasurable kiss.
Date: 16 Nov 2010
James Bowen
27, United States, Georgia, Columbus
I am a musician, comedian, and overall nice guy. I am not here for sex, because if I was, I'd go to another site. I am looking for a relationship, but I'd like to get to know you first before we go steady. As for my likes in a woman, I'm not too picky, but I have a soft spot for other musicians, dancers, athletes, and artists. Those tend to see life through the same lenses I do. If you think we click or want to know more, feel free to message me. I am an avid texter too, so I'll give you my # if you please. Could you be the one to light my fire?
Date: 02 Sep 2012
Mayur Vyas
35, India, Maharashtra, Nagpur
I am happy go lucky kinda person.
Date: 28 Jul 2011
i play piano, organ and live life too the fullest.
Date: 17 Nov 2011
James C.
34, United States, Tennessee
I like to think I'm a fun loving guy and likes to read. I'm easily amused (like all guys lol) and working on going back to school.
Date: 06 Apr 2012
I'm Mike. I'm here looking for someone special who has similar interests that i can hopefully spend the rest of my life with. My interests include videogames, scifi/fantasy books and movies anime, etc.
Date: 27 Apr 2014
Alex Reed
26, United States, Iowa, Onawa
I've never actually done one of these before, so yeah first time doing a dating site. I try to crack jokes when I can though I can be fairly silent at first. However once the s *censored* is broken I can be easily talked to and sometimes need a pause button when I start to talk a lot. I've suffered in the past and generally will bring it up at a moment that it can be discussed, but first and foremost I'm not looking for pity when I discuss the suffering or anything I just feel that someone I date or become friends with should know what I've been through as the feeling I sometimes feel is mostly mutual. Given me saying this it is a no brainer that I feel emotional attachment is a large thing as well as communication, but again may take me a bit to get out of my own communication s *censored* so I do apologize for that ahead of time. Goals and aspirations, well I don't have too many. Not greedy at all so a job with high pay isn't one of them for myself, I'm quite comfortable with where I am at the moment. However I will consider me having a long term relationship and even possibly being a father as goals and aspirations since I always wanted to be a father for as long as I can remember. I enjoy going on hikes when bored or just wanting to socialize, I don't actually go out to drink as much as I used to frankly because I just recently moved back into Iowa after sixteen years of living in Missouri. I enjoy the outdoors and cooking, though cooking is quite expiremental to me as I cook randomly and never follow a recipe. There you have it, mostly me in a nuts *censored* . If I caught your interest feel free to message me.
Date: 15 Oct 2016
hi my names chris. looking for someone special.. maybe you? about me: im very outgoing, i like socialising.. and writing i like staying in and watch a film. i pretty much like doing anything, and have no complaints.. im big into movies hence why i write film scripts.. i am currently in the process of making a horror movie. i like theatre and cinema. and i like traveling. xx i have been told i'm pretty hilarious at times and very random lol im very sponatanous, and im ,kind and loving with a romantic side il do pretty much anything within reason. What makes me unique = have to find out, i guess... i like all kinds of music, mainly dance.. although i prefere oldies lol.. i.e 80's and i like love songs etc.
Date: 10 Nov 2010
Michele Marini
30, Italy, Friuli-venezia Giulia, Udine
I'm an attractive person... I love to travel and meet new people! I like to party and I'd like to meet an american girl. If you're interested don't hesitate to contact me :)
Date: 16 Feb 2011
40, Greece, Attiki, Athens
Date: 09 Oct 2012
Date: 30 Jul 2016

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