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Welcome to - the new Social Network oriented for Online Dating and Romance! is based on Flirts

You can rank other members by clicking "I Like" or "Next" on their profiles. Each "I Like"-click is called a Flirt and the other person is being notified about this. This is a perfect way to let others to be aware about you in a very simple way and without any obligations.

Activity is rewarded

There is a Rating of Activity on With each click on "I Like" and "Next" links you move your own profile up in this rating. The higher your profile is in the rating, the more it is shown to other members. If you would like to move your profile on top without ranking others, you can archive this by ordering a Special Service on My Credits page.

Safety is the highest priority

With more then 6 years of operating in the industry of Online Dating, we understand that safety of our members is extremely important.

Online Dating Scam is an on-purpose creation of fake profiles in an effort to get money out of other members for variety of invented reasons. Most of scammers actually reside in African countries as well as in CIS (ex-USSR) states, but pretend to be Americans or Europeans. Typically, a scammer creates woman's profile and attaches eye-catching pictures of professional models. Then one starts to communicate with other members from developed countries and persuade them to financial help for variety reasons.

Please see this page for more information about typical scammers' tricks.

In order to minimize the risk of scam, we have developed a set of technical and administrative processes. Our moderators review each new profile very carefully. In case of suspect they may contact our members in order to ask to provide some additional information. This information is required in order to confirm that member's profile is authentic. If you have been contacted by our administrator, this does not mean that we count that your profile as fake. Instead, this means that some aspect of your profile might look like profiles of scammers and therefore we ask for more details in order to clarify this. We kindly ask you to treat such requests seriously and reply to such inquires on time. The idea of is to create an efficient, comfortable and safe place for people to meet each other for romance. We hope for your understanding.

Is really a social network or a dating site?

In traditional social network, people create a graph of Friends which represent people they know in real-life. So the direction looks like this: Real life Connection => Virtual Connection.

On social network it works in opposite direction, i.e. from Virtual Connection to Real-life meeting, which is a actually a date.

This is the only difference between and traditional social networks. Regarding all the other aspects of traditional social networking, like content sharing, communications, comments, live video chat - is a true social network.

How to start?

You can start by ranking other members

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