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54, Yugoslavia, Srbija (serbia)
Ask me about this! For begin I is sincere preson and I revere person wneh is as I. I' am is last romantic in the world ;) Wherher there are more such person?
Date: 24 Jun 2007
66, Yugoslavia, Srbija (serbia), Belgrade
I am slim and beautiful man.I like very much life, nature,good people,art,music,my job~school for arts,travel agency and book shop.I need beautiful woman,inside and outside,for love,family and together life.
Date: 07 Feb 2017
, Yugoslavia, Srbija (serbia), Jagodina
Average.inteligent and honest guy, with nice manirs and good behavior.I looking similarly person for affiliation or something more.I liked to mett new people.
Date: 28 May 2010
69, Yugoslavia, Srbija (serbia), Belgrade
I am alone lady and would like to meet serious friend... .Serbia is not so far from You and we can meet,I hope.. I would like to meet honest,serious man to be my friend..later,who knows..
Date: 02 Nov 2010
41, Yugoslavia, Srbija (serbia), Nis
... ... ... ... ... ...
Date: 14 Jun 2008
Djordje Gagrica
43, Yugoslavia, Srbija (serbia)
It is the best that you look for yourself...Only honest person because j dont like lies and j dont send money to anybody.....J am waiting for for message
Date: 21 May 2015
51, Yugoslavia, Srbija (serbia), Nis
A witty guy who is never being bored with. A good listener but also good talker. Dislike lies, insincerity and hypocrisy. An integral person. Mistrustfual at the begining but can melt as the time passes by, if a good partner appears. Check it up. (may contact me on: mkaran at
Date: 16 Nov 2009
Vladimir Vladimir
45, Yugoslavia, Crna Gora (montenegro), Podgorica
open mind discret nice eASY COOL wet sunny place with espresso and newspapers and my cutie bird with apsolutely looong legs in my hand god thank u thanks to all :)
Date: 05 May 2008
39, Yugoslavia, Srbija (serbia), Belgrade
I am lookin' for my second half,my best match,my bride!!!Please give me a sign!It is not important where from you are or who you are!I just want to love you and to be loved!
Date: 25 Oct 2015
42, Yugoslavia, Srbija (serbia), Nis
Try and you will know... Honest and confident, gentle, open-minded. Maybe good looking is important for the first impression, but for a long life, good personality os needed...Like to meet interesting persons all over the world. you can write to me at milojevicvladimir at ymail dot com
Date: 21 Jun 2012
35, Yugoslavia, Vojvodina, Subotica
Date: 27 May 2009
34, Yugoslavia, Srbija (serbia)
Hiperaktivan,vedar,nasmejan!Volim da upoznajem nove ljude,volim da se zaljubim i da volim i naravno voljen da budem.Tesko je kad ostanes sam ali i to je cena koju moram platiti da bih osetio pravu ljubav.
Date: 07 Jun 2009
Srdjan Sijakovic
41, Yugoslavia, Vojvodina, Zrenjanin
Pitajte i saznacete!?...
Date: 26 Jul 2009
Date: 18 Jun 2011
....pricaj mi o ljubavi.....nek ti oci na grivnu ne slecu,ni na zlato sto sija beskrajno,trazio sam u toj zenisre4cu,a propast sam nasao slucajno...
Date: 30 Jan 2009
48, Yugoslavia, Srbija (serbia), Nis
I'm italian looking for new experience....all kind of experience with women. Available for holidays together in italy.I'm in Nis till next week.Leaving 18th agust
Date: 23 Oct 2011
Alexandar Gemaljevic
52, Yugoslavia, Srbija (serbia), Belgrade
upoznao bih zenu koja zeli porodicu i decu. -------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- -----------
Date: 27 Sep 2010
51, Yugoslavia, Srbija (serbia)
i wont to find truth LOVE and I think it is no much ...
Date: 30 Jun 2008

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