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may be I am too young but I am ready for serious relationships and dream about my own family
Date: 03 Apr 2018
35, Ukraine
Active and positive, I love animals and nature. Cooking is my passion, I was completely dissolved in the process and leaving for euphoria . . . Comfort House is my hobby, tidy and a good housewife. Good heart and soul chistayu, I'm not perfect, but really nice girl! There are no perfect people, but each person has a lot of good ! ! Appearance is not important, the main thing the soul, but it is important that people take care of yourself. I like activity, sport was and is my life in its various manifestations. I do not like boredom and loneliness.
Date: 05 Oct 2017
I am open, communicative, temperamental and positive lady
Date: 01 Apr 2018
*censored* o! I like honesty and sincerity in people kindness. I also adhere to these qualities. In order not to happen in my life, I always try to stay positive and fun, because a smile is easier to overcome any difficulties. Everything else that interests you, you can ask me)
Date: 05 Jan 2018
I am calm, balanced person, but sometimes want to laugh like a child and fooling around. I love to cook, I can spend the whole day making the cake, not noticing that much time has passed very quickly fond of something I love to discover new knowledge, I like to read, sometimes I write poems I have a lot of warmth and love inside of me, which I would like to share with the man who will be near me
Date: 13 Feb 2017
Привет! Рада знакомству. Ищу отношения с темнокожими парнями крупного телосложения. Пишите
Date: 28 Jan 2018
29, Ukraine, Odessa
для всех разная
Date: 04 Nov 2015
57, Ukraine
Englishman living in Ukraine
Date: 26 Feb 2018
Hola me llamo Karina. Busco gentes para conozer. Yo voy a Espana en Febrero
Date: 26 Nov 2016
Now is one of the most amazing times of the year - winter. Lots of people do not like winter as it is gloomy, cold, windy, sometimes snowy, sometimes rainy, but it is a great time as it is the beggining of the new life - very soon all the nature will be reborn. Also it is time of the miracles - the New Year and Christmas season when all of the dreams come true. What Christmas wish do you have? I wish not to be alone next Christmas and New Year, to have a close person with whom we can have common desires, wishes, hopes, dreams, home;) I am very domestic, like to read good books, like to cook nice tasty dishes, what about you?
Date: 23 Jan 2018
31, Ukraine, Kharkov
I want to find my soul mate and spend all life with one person.
Date: 22 Dec 2015
40, Ukraine, Kiev
Modest, nice, purposeful.....I search for the reliable person for attitudes, It is pleasant to me, to photograph, draw, music is pleasant, books I like to read
Date: 07 Jul 2012
26, Ukraine, Lvov
симпатична весела і дуже добра)
Date: 30 Jul 2012
Rostislav Smirnov
26, Ukraine, Khmelnitskiy
Вегетерианец, у меня грубый характер если устал, потому отдых ето важно для меня... а остальное расскажу спросите
Date: 17 Oct 2016
I am a young gilr but i dream about my own happy andloving family, I belive in real love for all life and looking for family orinted mna who will be not only my husband and lover but my best friend
Date: 20 Oct 2014
45, Ukraine, Cherkassy
Date: 15 Dec 2015
44, Ukraine, Nikolaev
Жизнь имеет смысл только тогда, когда ты живёшь ради кого-то кроме себя....
Date: 15 Jul 2015
Добрая,спокойная. Вегетарианка/сыроежка ( по сезону),психолог по образованию.
Date: 11 Jul 2015

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