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63, Russia, Tver
Date: 23 Jan 2017
35, Russia, Krasnodar
I worked as a trainer at the gym. It is very serious about the sport and the sports men.
Date: 10 Mar 2016
I search a man that will value and love me such, what I am. If I him will fall in love too, I will give to this man all itself supernaculum and he we will be with him together forever.
Date: 06 Jul 2016
34, Russia, Moscow
Я саентолог с августа 2015 года. Многие курсы прошла. Очень нравится развиваться вместе с саентологией.
Date: 15 Nov 2016
I am a young beautiful girl serious as far as it maybe for as it maybe for a girl well and certainly infiniteli romantik
Date: 23 Apr 2017
37, Russia, Moscow
Средние рыжие волосы, телосложение обычное
Date: 01 Nov 2016
Svetlana Agapova
37, Russia, Moscow
Я общительная, романтичная, доброжелательная, жизнерадостная. Разведена. Дочери 12 лет. Люблю путешествия, природу, музыку, спорт, создавать домашний уют и многое другое. Для серьезных отношений познакомлюсь с надежным, самостоятельным мужчиной от 30 лет.
Date: 10 Jan 2017
Спроси меня
Date: 14 Apr 2017
50, Russia
ищу спутницу
Date: 14 Jan 2018
веселая, душа компании
Date: 27 Feb 2017
49, Russia, Moscow
Date: 22 Feb 2018
62, Russia, Moscow
My name is Nadezhda.I have higher education. I am an accountant. Divorced. I have the adult daughter and son. They lives separately. I am faithful, romantic, kind, charming, attractive, cheerful, loving, affectionate. I enjoy dancing, listening to music, reading, travelling, I am fond of nature, pets, plants and flowers. I am looking for marriage with a man from 50 up to 70 years old, kind, reliable. I would meet somebody who is eager to have family.
Date: 20 Mar 2018
62, Russia, Moscow
Vegetarian 25 years,5 last as vegan. Very open, crative nature.
Date: 08 Feb 2018
Date: 24 Mar 2018
Я спокойный, заботливый, ответственный, искренний и ценю это в людях, добрый,готов помочь, и поддержать в любой ситуации
Date: 08 Jun 2017
22, Russia, Chelyabinsk
При общении
Date: 19 Mar 2018
Познакомлюсь с мужчиной, желательно, чтобы он был историком
Date: 09 Mar 2018
34, Russia, Moscow
I'm a down to earth girl with positive attitude to life, fond of photographing and travelling, love mountskiing and rollerblading, watching movies in the original and listening to some nice music.. ..
Date: 06 Jul 2016

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