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Poland is a country of central Europe. It is borders by Germany, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Ukraine, Belarus, Lithuania, Kaliningrad Oblast of Russian Federation and Baltic Sea. Poland is a member of European Union. The capital of the country is Warsaw. Poles mainly are Roman Catholics. Poles are open-minded, friendly, hospitable people. They welcome and hospitable for foreigners. Poles respect their traditions and history very much. It is needs to say that Polish people are family-oriented. Make advantage to communicate with Poles via using Live Video/Audio Chat.
37, Poland, Dolnoslaskie, Jelenia Gora
*censored* o;) My name is Paul, i'm 26 and tired of loneliness.I 'ma normal guy looking for a normal woman. I hope to meet my soul mate . She will be a sensitive, sincere, faithful woman, full of warmth and love. My main features are: romanticism, honesty, loyalty, devotion. If You wanna meet me i will answer all of Your questions:)
Date: 31 Mar 2010
45, Poland, Kujawsko-pomorskie
I love peace of mind and blissful lazyness. I am waiting for a woman which doesn't want to change myself.
Date: 22 Mar 2018
I'm simply Man, very sensitive male ; )
Date: 08 Dec 2017
Andrew 29
33, Poland, Mazowieckie
hi im andrew and im looking for someone to talk.
Date: 25 Sep 2016
36, Poland, Mazowieckie
Każdy mężczyz­na wi­nien być ar­tystą, który nie tyl­ko na­malu­je szczęście na us­tach Ko­biety, ale zdoła odświeżyć swój ob­raz nim ten wyb­laknie w sza­rościach dnia.
Date: 09 Oct 2016
Kamil Morawski
33, Poland, Slaskie
jestem z nztury pogodnym czlowiekiem lubie poznawac nowe osoby ...
Date: 19 Feb 2017
42, Poland, Lubelskie
I am 40 years old, tall, nice, attractive, veterinarian doctor from Poland after medical university. From 2008 I came to the UK and I work here.I would like to meet tall, nice, serious, good girl for a wife. Attractive and appropriate determined to move to Europe Union ( Poland, Lublin city ) and start a family life and having children. Girl who wants to have about 2-3 children in the future, own nice house, good husband and normal family. Girl who wants to give with me for the children good education and good future !!
Date: 22 Mar 2018
I'm very nice and warm woman. i like spend time with nature. I love my bike. I don't eat meat.
Date: 19 May 2014
56, Poland, Zachodniopomorskie, Szczecin
Dojrzały , spokojny pragnę stałego związku nie jestem oszustem i nie gram.
Date: 10 Dec 2017
48, Poland, Malopolskie
Looking for a gentleman with great sense of humor. a nice guy, wilingly from Europe, loving to travel but feeling also comfortable at home, by the fireplace needed :-) According to a fortune-teller, my destiny is an airline pilot, but I don't want to limit myself:-) let's start by making friends and we will see what the future will bring...
Date: 10 Dec 2017
Jakub Taranek
31, Poland, Lodzkie
One young man, a high growth of the color blue eyes eagerly seeking colleague, I do not have hardly any requirements by simply happy with her written She here and he there Fragile love between them Stupid joke made fate That he distributed just them They were how from river bank How cytrynka from Tri Martini Though what day he rings Only letters smell before On distance loving they learn It on distance was desired by dream On distance loving they learn Let's drink for them the drops of tears They were how palm about palm They breathed me and they thought "Here they are worlds two Which they found" So as live for gl *censored* Fate before them kilometres ściele Yet year yet two Look liquid time so quickly On distance loving they learn It on distance was desired by dream On distance loving they learn Let's drink for them the drops of tears Scraps of words of remainder hearts Castaways from different islands It is so many them us so many it is Odd - nobody knows
Date: 16 Nov 2009
The average person with a sense of humor, I would like to stop being lied all the time.
Date: 22 Mar 2012
Tomasz Rudnicki
35, Poland, Dolnoslaskie, Wroclaw
Friendly :) Friendly :) Friendly :) Friendly :) Friendly :) Friendly :) Friendly :) Friendly :) Friendly :) Friendly :) Friendly :) Friendly :) Friendly :)
Date: 13 Jun 2009
38, Poland, Slaskie, Katowice
I looking for polite and and onest person who can open my heart. Who will be with me in good and bad time. Maybe it will be you ??? I waiting for messages from you.
Date: 05 Jun 2014
Date: 18 Jan 2013
39, Poland, Wielkopolskie
I guess I'll start from the begining I'm looking for someone who can make me laugh, But also knows how to be serious. The kind of guy who knows how to treat a girl and that doesn't throw fits or play games. I'm pretty much laid back I'm usually up for anything pretty much as long as it's fun. I go out with my friends on a regular basis I guess you could say that i like to have a good time and want someone who likes the same. But i also like to spend time at home. I like to read, I also write, and I've been told that I can sing. But I don't sing for just anyone not to many people have actually heard me sing. I love what life has to offer but I miss someone to share it with. I am looking for someone to hold hands with, cuddle with, explore with. He also has to have a good outlook on life. I believe in love, and friendship and want to meet someone who feels the same way!! I enjoy dining out, watching movies, watching sports, shooting pool, shopping .
Date: 20 Nov 2010
43, Poland, Zachodniopomorskie, Szczecin
Date: 02 Jan 2008
53, Poland, Mazowieckie, Warsaw
Date: 03 Oct 2012

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