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Kingdom of Norway lies in Northern Europe. It is borders by 3 countries and Skagerrak Strait. Oslo is a capital of the country. It is a beautiful cold country that attracts tourist from all over the world by its ice hotels; beauty of the nature with high mountains and great culture heritage. In the past in the territory of the Norway were living Vikings.
Norwegians has high stile of life as Norway is very wealthy country. Norwegians are very democratic people. Women in Norway are highly respected and equal by law with men in business and social life. They are very polite and cultural people. Take a chance to get in touch with Norwegian singles via
Age Grotos
46, Norway, Sor-trondelag
I,m a normal looking man from Norway. My proffesion is farming and some carpenting. I prefer to work with pracktical things and animals,but I have no problem to do teoretical work then I have to. Contact me on temlav.glox at g mail I search for a girl who can bee my wife and who enjoy a good life on the countryside, but not far away from a city. And also enjoy work with animals and who likes children.
Date: 29 Sep 2011
honest sincere whit good sense of humor
Date: 10 Sep 2012
Svein Rabben
41, Norway, Sor-trondelag, Trondheim
Hi, i am a kind and loving man from Norway. Are very romantic and love spending time with a lady. Can go out on the town now and then, but prefer staying home with my loved one. And btw scammers stay away, i know all your tricks.
Date: 18 Dec 2008
Per Lasse Bakken
48, Norway, Akershus
My friends describe me as easy going, warm, and with a good sense of irony. I laugh at myself more than others do ;)
Date: 27 Feb 2011
Dag Lindblad
64, Norway, Ostfold, Sarpsborg
*censored* o Deare sweetheart. My name is Dag Erik. I looking at your profil. I like you. I want to know you. I looking for a girl for love and mariage. I am a kind affectionat warm tender calm, understanding,honest. passionat and verry lovely man. I am 50 year old. But 25 in my mind. I hope that the age not is a problem for you. I am divorsed sinse 1991. I am tired of to be alone. I am seriuos and dont want to play. I want a girl for love and marriage. I hope you are the girl I am looking for. I want to be happy with you. I want to build a new family where we can live together all our life, be happy and take care about each other. I like to do my home cozy. I like the sea,Traveling,picnics,Nature, Walk whit you hand in hand. I like good dinner whit canddles. I am romantic man. Want to do everything good for you. I will love and take care of you As you will love and take care of me. I want to be happy. I have my own firm a shop. I sell things for babys. But I miss you by my side. I am abel to take care of you. Give you the thing you need. Yes I longing for to feel you near me. So I can give you soften kiss and hold around you and tace care of you. I hope you are interested. I wait for your letter with photo. Write me as son as posible. Kiss from Dag Erik Norway Norwegia, Norge. E.Mail: (FILTERED)
Date: 17 Apr 2014
I`m a retayered top executive, sertsing for a prity layde to mary.I hawe traweled so mush I dont feel I hawe a real homeland and can easely mowe to another country.
Date: 03 Nov 2010
47, Norway, Rogaland, Stavanger
YES! It's free! How are you? I am great. This is a few quick words from a beutiful spring day in Stavanger, Norway. Just finnsihed work and got lost into this site. And to me it just looked like real people to me on those pictures. And as I am real myself i though maybee we could meet? Want to talk some more? Let me know okei?
Date: 27 May 2008
Tommy Dahle
40, Norway, Ostfold, Fredrikstad
Hey. my name it Tommy. you want to get to know me pleace wright...
Date: 29 Jan 2009
52, Norway, Oslo
I am comunicative man, with the healthy sense of humor. Like to meet people from different parts of the world (i was working some years with refugees and asylum seekers from all of corners of the world). I like to converse about a lot of different issues... science, local and global politics, natur/ enviroment, societys,... I like animals and nature. I`m missing a girl/women with the similar interests- partly modern, partly with some of the good old manners
Date: 30 Sep 2014
Bjorn Aurstad
46, Norway, More Og Romsdal, Molde
I am just trying to find the love of my life, I have been told that you should not look for love, but I don`t know what to believe, it would be a shame if i miss love because i was busy with something else
Date: 09 Apr 2017
Kristian Husby
52, Norway, Nord-trondelag, Namsos
I am just a man so whant to find love and be loved.I am a singel man on 45 yeares old,i have not kids but wish to have with the women i be in love With
Date: 02 Oct 2014
Vidar Oslo
51, Norway, Oslo
I am a kind man from Oslo searching for Asian woman with massage experience.
Date: 17 Nov 2014
Love outdoors activities, fishing, hunting, jogging, skiing, bicykling, swimming, fotball, snowmobiling, boating, making food by the bon fire...
Date: 14 Feb 2012
Daniel Fred
31, Norway, Nord-trondelag, Levanger
i am a good man with good character humble and a good hearth
Date: 07 Feb 2012
50, Norway, Oslo
I am a simple, serious. Very kind, caring and loving man.
Date: 23 Dec 2012
Date: 20 Apr 2012
Date: 16 Nov 2014
22, Norway, Rogaland
Date: 07 Jan 2017

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