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Japan is country-island in East Asia. The capital of the country is Tokyo. Constitutional monarchy with a parliamentary government. Japan has very high economical rise for last 50 years and now it is very powerful country with big success in technologies and manufacturing. japan culture and history very unique and ancient. Japanese people are well known as workaholics. They are mostly shy and timid but very polite people. They keeping their traditions in everything: way of eating, making business and everyday life. Communicate with Japanese singles via using Live Video Chat.
i love sport ,travel ,boxing, i m honest,kind, i love, baby,i love to make good life with my FUTURE wife ,i like swiming,go to musment .i som time drinking ,no smoking
Date: 08 Jul 2017
Kazuhiro Sakoguchi
58, Japan, Hyogo, Kobe
My character thinks that there is a faithful gentle sense of responsibility. I learned electrical engineering in a university (Osaka Institute of Technology) and a graduate school (Tottori University). My specialized field is electrical engineering. I am working in Mitsubishi Electric Himeji Works from 1986 and, after graduate school completion, reach it at the present. I am looking for my partner. I went to Russia about several times in order to looking for marriage and family to Russian Lady. I am now learning Russian for about two year. The relations between men and women idealizing it, 1)We can love each other. 2)We can understand each other. 3)We are reliable each other. We do not tell a lie. 4)We can have the respect each other. 5)However, we sometimes think the compromise to be need. I think that there is the quarrel each other. I think that it is important that I make an effort not to quarrel as much as possible. To that end, we do not do the secret each other, and it is necessary to talk about the various things.
Date: 28 Mar 2018
34, Japan, Tokyo
*censored* o! My name is Miyuki. I'm from Japan. I would be happy to meet interesting people.
Date: 20 May 2016
57, Japan, Saitama, Omiya
Single easy going guy working here in Japan. From America and enjoy movies, going fishing. Listening to music.
Date: 21 Jul 2017
Innocent Princess
30, Japan, Hokkaido, Sapporo
*LiveDateSearch/LiveDating is the BEST overall!* Hullo, privet! Что нового? Wot got me here, uh, maybe wishing there's a good ol' knight-in-shining-armour thingy still? I know it's a tad cheesey lol, but mean a loyal person who doesn't treat girls like stuff... Y'know am still a human w/ feelings, who wud want to be used-up? I'm intentionally "saving" myself until marriage. Я не делаю добрачный секс lol *ahem* tho' I'm not that religious, just making myself sublime (I'm NO dating troll or pro-d8r!). But remember I'm not rushing for marriage coz I wanna stay unrestrained as ur friend before settle down. Eventually, but marriage isn't my goal. I know life is questionable, but u can't change atrocious ppl and u r better to focus on wholesome things! Perhaps we only live once, then why u waste on badasses and disgrace ur innocent spirit? Ok folks, time for my cliché *on the mic* I'm smoke/alcohol free (never even smoked), no vegan... Hobbies/Interests... prolly I'm on the creative side, do something w/ my hands like sewing and handwork, design, drawing, mediaeval/castles, weight-training, blah. I can play m-a-n-l-y video games like boys do and am good at it. Ppl tell me I'm talented at various things, but one thing I'm awful ...Cooking, duh. Even my skillful hands go clumsy at it, dunno why... My taste in music? I'm not a chart chaser and I even listen to the 90s if I'm in the mood coz good music doesn't rot. But genre, I wudn't feel hot in typical Eurobeat like a guy in speedo wud grind back n forth. I grew up w/ Industrial Rock, Funk, Electronica, some Pop... Otherwise, I'm not a brandname chaser. Simply I ain't interested and I use even cheap if the design is good! Diamonds ain't my best friend, but at least a note of warm message is my best friend :) Remember ur handmade wins against any brandname bags. My purpose of using here, well I go w/ a friendship first. Time tells afterward. If it may escalates to a relationship, I prefer a man without children coz it's hard to be the perfect mom of children-in-law. Preferably no divorced man as well unless reasons for divorce is terrifying... I ain't picky about ur looks unless u r "life-threatening" obese. Stay fit and alive, if u like me. The soldiers looking for one-night-stand, not me. I'm too innocent for that wild thing :/ Needless to say, NO drug users. No more unsolicited thang pics coz they just turn me off! BTW my pics intentionally state Copyrighted coz some ppl stole my pic and used it. Trust me, I am the real McCoy *waves*
Date: 12 Mar 2018
Daisuke Tanaka
39, Japan, Fukuoka
I’m looking for interesting woman. I expect we will catch the meaning at once it is very important to understand each other. How does she look is not important to me, appearance is very changeable. I care about her personality. I see my future woman as very kind, smart, honest, sociable, energetic, with good sense of humor woman. She shouldn’t look at me like at just an idol I want her to see personality in me with rich inner world. When we will be together we will give positive energy to each other and support each other when it’ll be necessary. I plan to get married only once in my life, to find the woman for all my life and have children from hier. Now you know who am I looking for.
Date: 01 Jan 2010
im a combat engineer with the marine corps, i just resently got stationed at camp fuji for my first duty station, so far i love japan
Date: 04 Dec 2010
Terry Jester
33, Japan, Shimane, Matsue
*censored* o, I am a 24 year old romantic who plays guitar and sings at the train stations. I am an English teacher in Japan, and absolutely love my life and my job. I am honest, caring, sweet, and sometimes a little too passionate. Please keep me realistic, because I am a big dreamer.
Date: 23 Jan 2012
Robet D Schwarz Jr
36, Japan, Kanagawa, Atsugi
looking for fun, something different
Date: 04 Jun 2012
61, Japan, Tokyo
I am a Japanese lived in Tokyo, looking for the lady, tender, honest, thoughtful. I Like talking people who have different culture and watching movie,reading books.
Date: 18 Sep 2009
40, Japan
It is pleasure to meet you..
Date: 13 Jan 2011
七  久
37, Japan, Tokyo
私のお気に入りの料理、イタリア語、中国語、メキシコ人、日本人 私は、家畜の猫を持っています 私は、公園に外出するレストランが好き
Date: 11 Nov 2015
I was divorced recently. I had a married life of 21 years too much. My child lives with the parents with a former wife. I live alone. I am 47 years old. I look for a woman living together in Japan. I talk about me a little. My hobby is visits such as historic spot, museum, nature. When I watched them, I clear up a feeling. And I love a PC. I can make a PC with oneself. I improve performance and enjoy it.
Date: 18 Sep 2007
I'm a very open mind guy
Date: 06 Aug 2012
Kazuhiro Manabe
64, Japan, Kagawa
I am frendykazu at yahoo dot com. : (FILTERED) --- I am kind, serious, confident, purposeful, creative, smart, responsible, sincere, honest, modest, sociable, communicative, clever, cheerful, romantic, easy going, flexible, impressionable, God fearing, and have a good sense of humor. I have always good conditions of my mind and whole body. I'm mainly a computer engineer, lawyer, small company owner, physical therapist, and part-time jazz?Love song singer at a night club. I'm interested in computer, music, singing, travelling, driving, swimming, cinema, TV, walking, sport, shopping, cafe, meeting with friends, etc. I used to go abroad every year not only sightseeing but also studying foreign languages, different cultures and foods. I want to show you many things amazing of asian tastes. I'm sure that you will like it and feel so good, fantastic in your life ! Please contact me at : (FILTERED)
Date: 25 Mar 2012
49, Japan, Osaka
I am looking for special someone to start a family with me. If are serious about this, please respond with photos. I will tell you about myself when you contact me.
Date: 13 Jan 2008
38, Japan, Wakayama, Kushimoto
i have more sexual feelings. i want to *censored* some one. my *censored* very big. i like more japanese sex. i need some one to fuck. i am single now. any i want to *censored* some one
Date: 17 Nov 2007
37, Japan, Tokyo
Thank you for looking my profile. I
Date: 10 Mar 2008

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