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Single girls of Seattle usually know the difficulties of finding quality men in this city and vice versa. However, online dating site - dating in Seattle wants to help you find your significant other, regardless of where you find yourself in relationship-land. These romantic spots for dating in Seattle will provide you with fresh ideas of enjoying the city scenery with your special partner. So discover Seattle singles with

Kerry Park

When your relationship in Seattle has just began and you are on the earlier stage of developing your communication it’s really important to get to know each other better and to chat about just everything. Visit Kerry Park. It doesn’t important what period of night or day, the flickering horizon with the blue and innumerable ferries and boats whirling around, will take your breath away. If the weather is allowable, picnic is quite a great idea for dating in Seattle and will give you some extra points! Enjoy in the sumptuous landscape and keep an eye on developing the events.

Pasta Freska

No matter whether you are together for a month or for 25 years in marriage, this Seattle’s best-kept secrets restaurant is the best place to transform your Seattle single life into serious relationship. As well as will be instantly welcomed at the entrance by Italian native Chef Mike, you will feel yourself just as at home while the waiter takes your order and ask about your day. As there is no menu card, the wine is poured and paired after servant carries an awesome delightful surprise. You will leave this place with smile and full stomach. Obviously, even the most disastrous date will be saved. Keep in mind, Chef Mike remembers every visitor that enters and out of his restaurant, thus if you comes here for several different dates, be ready to be called out!

Triple Door

Want to enjoy live music with your special one? You just have to visit The Triple Door. Still don’t know what is this? Meet overhead lounge, fluently alight by a voluminous and massive aquarium compare with the obscure illumination which creates a fairytale atmosphere. Amazing cocktails with local music with delicious meal will make each spot the greatest in the house.

Emerald City Trapeze

This is your Seattle first date in real life after a year-long communication via dating site and you want to bring some exciting memories in your meeting? Definitely, this will test your partner due to trapeze class hideaway in SODO. A small amount of voluntary partakers take step by step directions of how to word for word do a full-on trapeze catch. With finishing of the former stage being obligatory in order to continue to the following one, this challenge will actually elicit the contestant in your partner and you. We suggest you do not eat too much food before trying this deed. To save the dinner subsequently would be a much smarter step.

Bill Little
63, United States, Washington, Seattle
I'm seeking a sole mate, some one to love and take care of. some one who wonts to be a family member that is kind and careing.I will tell you more later.
Date: 22 Jun 2014
46, United States, Washington, Seattle
I try to live, and develop my life to the fullest possible :). I am well educated, and have wide interests reading, exercise, photography, movies, so on...
Date: 15 Dec 2014
33, United States, Washington, Seattle
People say that I am fair and use good judgement and sometimes take charge on accident. I like to live fast paced and do different and new things, especially when they presume and challenge.
Date: 08 Oct 2008
52, United States, Washington, Seattle
love snow skiing,swimming, sailing, passion, Italian food, candles and a good martini. seeking nice seasoned lady to marry and be a team and enjoy the most wonderful gift we have love.
Date: 26 Sep 2007
50, United States, Washington, Seattle
Originally from New York City, I moved to the northwest after 6 years in the Army. I enjoy life with my two sons and enjoy my work. I am a very care free, fun loving person. I also love traveling as much as possible. I am looking to make my way over to Europe sometime in the near future.
Date: 13 Apr 2008
Nick Morris
34, United States, Washington, Seattle
just looking to hook up for once or an on goin thing im very exciting and good at what i do so if u like hit me up well...
Date: 21 Aug 2008
53, United States, Washington, Seattle
Hi, Im a single guy looking to meet a fun girl and get to know each other maybe through writing and or talking. I would like to meet a woman who is loyal and sensual but doesn't take life tooo seriously. I have a good job, good friends and a nice home just outside seattle USA
Date: 18 Nov 2010
My name is sandra and I'm kind of the "Jack of all Trades" so there's really no job I can't master. I love going camping, fishing, hunting, hanging out with close friends, or justtaking a day drive to get away. I've always been a omboy but I can also be a lady.
Date: 20 Nov 2010
im looking for the right one im single good looking tryna find some one that looks okay you dont have to that *censored* but good mthings like having fun and im realy romantic sooo
Date: 25 Mar 2010
71, United States, Washington, Seattle
Mature Man of Love, ready, willing and able to love. Educated, aware, business owner of many interests and talents. Very romantic, balanced, focused, experienced, adaptable one woman man. Kind, caring, compassionate, fair, reasonable, consistent and spiritual. Seeking a peaceful partnership and equal relationship of real love, sharing, adventure, and mutual pleasure. Women! If you cannot or will not answer questions and cooperate in a normal ask and answer conversation, then you will never have any relationship with anyone, anywhere, ever. You know that, right? I hope so!
Date: 24 Sep 2013
Leo Mann
52, United States, Washington, Seattle
I am Looking for the one that I can give my heart to, with the intuation to find the key that will lead her to open my heart and place her love in there for ever
Date: 06 May 2008
I believe in Fate and Destiny, I believe that some day I will meet my Soul Mate. Do you believe? Everything and everyone in this world are basically looking for the same thing, and it is a little thing called, LOVE.I'm looking for woman that like to be romanced likes just to spend time with me at every chance, a woman that likes to cuddle up in front of a warm fire and watch the flames burn, a woman that likes bath's by candle light. likes to go to the movies or watch movies at home, a woman that likes dinning out, enjoys sitting down listening to slow music and understanding every word. Basically a man that wants an endless romance.
Date: 15 Feb 2011
I’m a person who enjoys meeting new people all the time. I love to socialize, embrace life and am a lot of fun if I say so myself! Online dating has been quite the adventure and I am still looking for that special someone. If you are looking for someone genuine, I’m your woman! I don’t have patience for people who pretend to be something they are not. “I’m honest, forgiving and love to laugh. If you can make me laugh, I would be interested in speaking to you. There are too many people who take life seriously and don’t make time to enjoy the finest pleasures. That would include taking in the outdoors, sitting in front of a fireplace and eating gummy worms on a regular basis for me! “Tell me what your idea of having fun is. I enjoy the weekends out when I am not working in the week and would love to have someone accompany me. It could be an evening of taking in the local comedy scene or local bands. Drop me an email and we’ll chat soon!”
Date: 20 Jun 2018
37, United States, Washington, Seattle
пишите; расскажу о себе при переписке значит; здесь для серьезных отношений; вообшем ишу спутницу в жизни---
Date: 14 May 2011
29, United States, Washington, Seattle
Date: 27 Jan 2008
ask me... ask me... ask me... ask me... ask me... ask me... ask me... ask me... ask me... ask me... ask me... ask me... ask me... ask me...
Date: 20 Jan 2008
w to complete a full application. If you are running short on time it has a save and return function for your convenience. Filling outw to complete a full application. If you are running short on time it has a save and return function for your convenience. Filling out
Date: 02 Jul 2008
34, United States, Washington, Seattle
I'm an easy going and fun person to be around. I'm very driven, know what I want in life and will do what it takes to get there. I like to stay in shape, so sports are big in my life, especially basketball, swimming, and tennis. I'm down to earth, and actually am the guy that likes the long walks on the beach and in the park. Get to know me, I guarantee you'll like me....
Date: 27 Sep 2008


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