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43, Germany, Bayern, Munich
Enjoy life every day at it's max! I'm a single, looking for good company, a lot of fun, a lot of laughs and a lot of good sex! What are you waiting for? Just write me! All the others will come automatically! ;)
Date: 23 Oct 2007
41, Germany, Bayern, Munich
i'm motivated, educated, fun and open minded and like travelling, eating out, cooking (thai, italian,..), like exploring new places, going out with friends, having fun.. :)
Date: 22 Oct 2008
37, Germany, Bayern, Munich
Here is a gentle and very caring Prince looking his Princess.
Date: 17 Jun 2014
55, Germany, Bayern, Munich
oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo oooooooooooooooooooo
Date: 22 May 2012
Usman Ali
38, Germany, Bayern, Munich
I am a nice and honest man, who like a simple women. I am a student of life, and very loving person and i feel and care about others, and i notice small pleasures of life
Date: 08 Jan 2008
48, Germany, Bayern, Munich
hi, my name is Tom, i´m architect. i live in Munich, Germany. Ido a lot of sports, especially fitness. i like to travel a lot. I speak German and English.
Date: 19 Jan 2009
Eric Clapton
48, Germany, Bayern, Munich
...dont have a chance to write now but I promise next time I will!!! :)))
Date: 04 Feb 2011
39, Germany, Bayern, Munich
Date: 17 May 2011
32, Germany, Bayern, Munich
I'm new here and look around. But in a nuts *censored* , I think that I am a quite nice guy that is looking to make new acquaintances.
Date: 09 Feb 2015
Not S. Smart
55, Germany, Bayern, Munich
I want to find my soul and life partner and have children. I do not care whether you come to live at my place or I come to live at yours or we go together to a third place and live there.------------------------ ------------------------ I am NOT open for ONS, *censored* adventures, visa marriages.------------------------ ------------------------ And yes _ i DO shave myself most of the time -- those pictures are from the same week where I walked with beard :-)------------------------ ------------------------ I am honest, sincere, very direct and open minded.------------------------ ------------------------ I want to be part of a family where children grow up in love and harmony with the ecosystem they live in and with respect for humans and animals and plants. ------------------------ I want to feel the sun on my skin and smell the skin of my partner. I am very deep in my feelings.------------------------ ------------------------ ----------------------- I started to make music and I couldn't live with someone who doesn't love to listen to music (classic, ballads, rock, modern music - world music, everything EXCEPT trash metal and this stuff!) ------------------------ -------------------------------------------------- ---------------------- IMPORTANT!!!: You may only write to me if you answer in your mail first of all those 4 questions: ------------------------ ------------------------ 1.) Have you read my whole text before writing to me or did you just saw my images and clicked on "send"? ------------------------ ------------------------ 2.) Do you want children? ------------------------ ------------------------ 3.) Do you know these pieces of music (answer like that: 1yes 2no 3yes): ------------------------ 1 Vivaldi, Four Seasons ------------------------ 2 Tom Waites, Time (to love) ------------------------ 3 John Miles, Music (was my first love) ------------------------ ------------------------ ------------------------ 4.) In my text -- did you have to look up something because you didn't understand it immediately and DID you look it up and understand it now? ------------------------ ------------------------ ------------------------ Thank you for writing me - I am looking forward to you mail. ------------------------ ------------------------ ------------------------ ------------------------ ------------------------ If you like you can continue showing you are not a fake writer by telling me what you think of that: ------------------------ ------------------------ Look up Paul Hawken's Commencement Address to the Cl *censored* of 2009. ------------------------ It was published on Saturday, May 23, 2009 ------------------------ "Let's begin with the startling part. Cl *censored* of 2009: you are going to have to figure out what it means to be a human being on earth at a time when every living system is declining, and the rate of decline is accelerating. Kind of a mind-boggling situation... but not one peer-reviewed paper published in the last thirty years can refute that statement. Basically, civilization needs a new operating system, you are the programmers, and we need it within a few decades."------------------------ ------------------------ ------------------------
Date: 08 Nov 2014
36, Germany, Bayern, Munich
Frag mich! Ich beisse nicht!
Date: 30 Oct 2017
I´m a guy who enjoys the finer things in life and I hope I can find a woman who does as well. And hopfully I´ll have some luck here in my serching and all.
Date: 04 Oct 2010
34, Germany, Bayern, Munich
meldet euch bei mir msn und cam? ich wichse gerne vor der cam und mach auch andere sachen meldet euch einfach und sagt mir was ihr wollt =) bis dann..
Date: 06 Dec 2007
43, Germany, Bayern, Munich
*** I stay in Munich for holiday and I would like 2 meet a nice girl who have fun with me *** Ilike night life and cinema *** I hope that I find this girl !!
Date: 15 Jul 2008
44, Germany, Bayern, Munich
Come give this teddy bear a hug. I must admit that while a part of me likes BMW's, DVD players..., I still can't help but be content with a minimalist lifestyle that entails the more simple pleasures and nuances of life. There are a million things that make me who I am.
Date: 29 Jan 2009
55, Germany, Bayern, Munich
If you dont try something you will never know if you wished you had. I am looking for someone who is will to try new things and looks to the furture..
Date: 30 Jan 2009
55, Germany, Bayern, Munich
Looking for a nice Woman in Munich. Please be openminded like me....I am soon 45, and You 25--50...for a relaxing meeting with no demands, be curius I am
Date: 22 Jul 2009
42, Germany, Bayern, Munich
*censored* o, i am from Bavaria, in my free time i do a lot of sport, travelling, reading books, meet with friends... for more ask me and i will tell you....
Date: 28 Dec 2009


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