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I born November 24th, 1983. Build - graceful, also slender. Maners - elegant. Sports interests - Yachts, bicycle, ping-pong, tennis Dance - different like clubs, maybe RNB. Love to comunicate with people and sometimes be alone. I love life and sea. I can be your cat. I interested in journeys and health lifestyle. I would really like to meet a nice, open minded person with whom I can discuss everything under the sun, moon and stars. Unfortunately, I am not in the habit to talk too much. I believe true love can come
Date: 03 Feb 2015
36, United Kingdom, England, London
Educated, driven young man, i like to keep fit, and maintain a good body, enjoy great tasting foods, music, be with friends and make money :)
Date: 20 Jul 2012
I am a very well educated , good looking, and gentel man from UK . I do travel a lot as part of my job,I like to see different places and cultures. I have quite busy life style, never been board since 5 -6 years ago. I am not short of anything!!!, As everyone knows life is short and I like to make the most of life.
Date: 10 Feb 2008
Easy going, and very open! I am an open book, read me and see that i have nothing to hide.
Date: 05 Aug 2013
53, United Kingdom, England, London
I am easy going man.Life is good but it would be great if i find my soul mate.
Date: 25 Dec 2017
33, United Kingdom, England, London
I'm a nice girl, family-oriented, kind and very gentle. I can not describe myself out of my face. But my friends say that I am very reliable and caring girl. You can write to me " *censored* o". I'll be glad to answer))
Date: 25 Mar 2015
42, United Kingdom, England, London
Honest, passionate, responsible, caring, serious, confident, highly educated, sophisticated
Date: 31 Jan 2018
41, United Kingdom, England, London
Happy , Enthusiastic and curious. Love to travel and eat good food. Just wondering on the site, you never can just find the love of your life.
Date: 02 Nov 2011
47, United Kingdom, England, London
gym fit freak..six pack no bs all true
Date: 18 Mar 2018
42, United Kingdom, England, London
I believe in simple living & high thinking. Despite having a highly demanding job, I love to have fun with my friends whenever I get some time. I believe in - 'the world is - as we see it'. I want my perfect match to feel special about herself and our relationship. I would do anything to bring a smile on her face and make her feel happier.
Date: 27 Nov 2008
year old man.i like sports non smoker
Date: 01 Aug 2011
well i dont have much to say now you can hit me up any time
Date: 15 Aug 2011
At my age, I have done all there is to do, and have everything anyone could need, except you my darling. I am looking for a woman who is so taken by me, that I get her complete devotion, so I can give her all I can, a home and babies. I had first come to London during the swinging 70,s in 1983 when I was at my peak, exploring Europe and making love when ever it was available. I was born in 1951 NZ in Christchurch and was a free boy and very handsome and went to school and got all 4 A levels a grade A plus so went to teachers college. I did not have *censored* until I met Mara a refuge from Riga when 21. I soon made up for it when I was as senior teacher in Auckland with multiple girlfriends all the time and they took me to balls when they got the pill and already had equal pay. But things have got worse instead of better, and most girls now ask for money for sex. I met Jane at 18 when 34 and we went to Sydney for a year and then to London in 1989. I taught in London and had great jobs and I have only had one sexual partner, Jane, since 1987, and none for ten years after she left. My bed is always empty. I taught in London and rented for many years never being rich enough to marry Jane and have children. So she married another. I will always miss her and the love we shared for 10 years, buying so many lovely clothes in fashion houses and in Paris. I inherited £100,000 and will sell this flat for £500,000, so we can live happily ever after. I am making movies for Hollywood distributions and once we sell them, make £3 million each film. So by then, the actresses will all be jumping into my bed, to get parts and for me to make into stars. So I have just this year to find a wife, so I can be happy and start a family before I get too old. Yes, we can fly to each other. Let me know when you believe I am genuine. It
Date: 08 Oct 2013
35, United Kingdom, England, London
i am looking for a cute and cool girl. i am from london , i like going out , am big england rugby supporter, hopefully i'll get the right girl.girls you wont regret it
Date: 28 Dec 2008
Heya..., i think about me self, i'm a funny guy at some points in this life.I'm tryin' always do to the best for everybody, i'm a lover boy....and i think if u want to know more info about me, u can write an e-mail/msg.Keep in touch
Date: 18 Jun 2008
im a very normal man, live and work in London, wish to have a small family that will live in love forever, im seeking a woman that will push me forward, and who will be my eyes and my heart.
Date: 03 Jan 2011
39, United Kingdom, England, London
I am a versatile individual with many interests and hobbies. I try to find joy in everything I do, regardless of what circumstances I find myself in. Always looking to grow as a person and constantly seeking enjoyment, fulfillment and purpose in my life.
Date: 11 Apr 2012
...Single man in London area seeking partner. Man has been seen spending time near local watering holes, whilst basking in the delights of west end shows and comedy nights. Witnesses report he is drawn to women who laugh a lot, are confident, and take good care of themselves. He has been reported to be easy going and the founder of the local No Unnecessary Drama Ever Organization. Some reports indicate the man to be open and funny although this is unconfirmed by sources. If you make contact with him he should be considered disarming and non-contagious. Recent reports suggest he has completed the London Marathon for Cancer Research UK in 2009 and The British Heart Foundation in 2010. He has plans to run for Help For Heroes in 2011 and is known to be preparing to take his driving test....
Date: 05 Apr 2011

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