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50, Germany, Berlin, Berlin
Ich bin solo und wäre über einen knisternden Flirt oder eine neue Liebe erfreut.
Date: 03 Oct 2016
43, Germany, Berlin, Berlin
проядочный парень живу в берлине
Date: 11 Jun 2017
32, Germany, Berlin, Berlin
Красивая, смелая
Date: 22 Nov 2016
I am completely new to internet dating and would like to first introduce myself with a pseudonym. However, I guarantee that I am seriously intentionate!
Date: 20 Apr 2014
29, Germany, Berlin, Berlin
Young, sociable, kind, gentle man, with a good sense of humor, I do not like to praise myself but some people say that I am the soul of the company.
Date: 05 Sep 2016
44, Germany, Berlin, Berlin
normal man............................................... .................................................. .............................................
Date: 03 Apr 2010
35, Germany, Berlin, Berlin
Simple Unforgattable ..what else :-) Love Life and im interessting and ironic person and clearly prefer to talk in icq or skype so if you want get know me...NOTE this....I will write NO Emails to nobody:)
Date: 18 Nov 2010
Looking for a true friendship First !!!! For without a true friendship there is nothing to base a relationship on. In order to get to know someone they must actually want to get to know what is within your mind and what you are really like as well as your thoughts about life. So unless one actually takes the time to get to know the real me you will only have a glimpse of who I am. There is much more to know besides the poetry I write and my personality or my words on the forums. I like to laugh & joke around, quick with the comebacks, love to talk never a dull moment.Open minded about life. Very straight forward and honest & expect the same. Independent. Have a mind of my own & do say what comes to my mind. I'm down to earth and very honest. Looking for someone that likes some of the same things I do. But they must have a mind of there own and can make decisions by themselves. I'm not a clingy person so if there are things they like to do that is fine with me everyone needs time alone. I don't mind going to live sports events but ... I just don't care for most on tv. One of the things I desire is to have someone to have fun with and laugh about things life throws at you for all you can do is do your best and keep going. I'm very much a talker very seldom a quiet moment so if that bothers you please p *censored* me up for I don't ever see that changing lmao. I'm a woman that still enjoys life and doing many things. When one has captured my heart it is and will always be a true heart one that loves deeply. We all dream at one time or other of finding the one that is in our thoughts. The one that just by the sound of there voice, or a gentle touch makes your heart skip a beat. When you are a part you can't wait till you see them again. When you are in their arms you feel safe and the only thing that crosses your mind is that your so lucky to have the one you are holding. As you look deep into there eyes words are not needed for you know you are were you belong. Is this only a dream, lmao well if it is then don't wake me for when you quit Dreaming you quit Living. "Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take. But by the moments that take our breath away"
Date: 24 Jan 2013
58, Germany, Berlin, Berlin
Noch nichts von seinem Glück wissen
Date: 31 Oct 2012
I consider myself as an intelligent, simple, sincere, cheerful and responsible woman. I am also funny and positive about everything in life
Date: 11 Sep 2012
Kelly Lang
34, Germany, Berlin, Berlin
Suche einen selbstbewussten, bodenständigen und ehrlichen Mann zum ankommen. Keinerlei Interesse an reinen Körperlichkeiten!!
Date: 10 Dec 2016
55, Germany, Berlin, Berlin
Eigentlich habe ich alles was das Leben lebenswert macht. Was mir fehlt ist eine liebe, treue, ehrliche, zuverlaessige und einfuehlsame Frau, die mit mir durch *censored* und duenn geht und sowohl die inneren als auch aeußeren Werte zu schaetzen weiss. --- What I lack is a dear, loyal, honest, reliable and considerate woman who goes with me by thickly and thinly and knows how to estimate the internal as well as external values.---Sobstvenno, ya imeyu vse chto zhizn' zhiznenno vazhno delayet. To, chto otsutstvuyet u men'a yavl'ayets'a dorogaya, vernaya, chestnaya, nadezhnaya i vospriimchivaya zhenschina, kotoraya idet so mnoj tolsto i tonko i umeyet cenit' kak vnutrenniye tak i vneshniye stoimosti.
Date: 13 Nov 2014
41, Germany, Berlin, Berlin
Date: 22 Sep 2015
39, Germany, Berlin, Berlin
I am kind and loving lady who is looking for right man of my soul.
Date: 29 Jun 2012
59, Germany, Berlin, Berlin
Am margaret woodward from USA i am a good and lovely woman and i am looking for a good relationship with sincere loving man that will love me and i will like to share my most confidential life with him which i am sure that her will be the right man for my life and i will have bestowed all my trust and confident on the man and i am sure that the man will not betray me
Date: 26 Dec 2018
*censored* o friend, My name is Patricia and am new on the side God is so good I came across your profile that I like so much and find you
Date: 23 Apr 2018
53, Germany, Berlin, Berlin
am a nice caring woman who knows what it takes to be in a relationship and also am a woman that love staying around with people with happiness and trust
Date: 09 May 2018
44, Germany, Berlin, Berlin
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Date: 27 Jun 2018


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