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44, United States, Georgia, Atlanta
A gentleman who cares and appreciates everything in life
Date: 31 Mar 2011
Well, to start, i hate writing these things and i want to note that for the record, haha. My name is James, im 23 years old and currently I am a full time student and I also work at a Law firm, which is what I want to do with my life, well, I want to end up in Politics, such as a Judge, but you goto start as an attorney. I love cars, movies, museums, art shows, outdoor events, concerts, metal/alternative music. oh.. and i love to cook... Im also a big football fan - UGA and Cowboys!
Date: 03 Nov 2010
38, United States, Georgia, Atlanta
This is hard and it will be very difficult to adequately describe myself in a few paragraphs. Some words that would describe me - Truthful, honest, smart, friendly, down to earth, easy going and shy at first. I like to travel and meet new people. I am deeply moved by the needs of others - thoughtful compassion, fair, and sensible. My sense of who I am and what my place is here on earth rests on solid values and principles on the ground I walk upon. I hold both solid beliefs and am open to new ideas, accepting of other people and other ways of thinking and believing. I know who I am: neither closed-minded nor wildly open-minded, but walk somewhere near the middle of the intellectual road. Many find me loyal, honest, trustworthy, dedicated friend and an attractive companion on the intellectual journey. Others see me as just the person they need in tumultuous times - steady companion. I love to learn, always teachable, absorb new information, educated in things that matter. I was born Brazil and raised in US.. arrived in the United States at age of 9 and have lived here since.
Date: 20 Mar 2017
i love to chat,have fun and meet people that say reasonable things.i like to go to parties and i hate back biters. i love to have friends around me to moltivate me
Date: 30 Dec 2007
jus me friendly i love myself to the fullies 314 brickcity ilike alot of thing it just finding a woman to do them with...i'm a ruff rider like pits for pets an *censored* extra wet.word.
Date: 26 Aug 2009
Im sourabh working as software engineer in deloitte consulting...very simple, lighthearted and fun loving guy.. An insatiable hunger to succeed. An unquenchable thirst to improve. And a ceaseless desire to be the best. Even if my Fate defies me and Luck betrays, In the darkest days with no Sunrays, I will Try and do nothing else till I've achieved my dreams; As a winner I wish to live, who fights till the last breath nothin shall ever stop me, atleast not until death.... amen! For 20 years i tried to understand the meaning of life... Now i have decided to define it myself. *** Hey therz a lighter side too :).... a big time fan of Matthew Perry!so thought of adding the following section : Chandler Bing quote 4 d week -- "yes there's a child in him. Doctors say that if they remove him he'll die." This is know me more mail me on (FILTERED)
Date: 10 Oct 2015
Date: 14 Nov 2007
I want to meet someone who is real. I like women who are into sports and being social. Someone who enjoys life and loves to laugh. "If you're not laughing, you're not living."
Date: 23 Jan 2009
I am a good Christan man looking for a good woman. I like to hunt, fish, shop ( I know, kinda girly but I like it ), cook, and many more things. I am not looking for games, so if that is what you are up to, then I am not the man for you.
Date: 22 Dec 2007
Date: 01 Sep 2008
32, United States, Georgia, Atlanta
Im 20 years old, I like to surf, work out, go on cruises, travel to different islands and expirence other cultures, I love to be relaxed and just have fun.
Date: 27 Oct 2008
The IE"s favorite son, must make money must have fun, I love foreign accents, meeting new and sociable people, I work hard and like to play hard. I can't wait to see what the future holds.
Date: 02 Mar 2009
my name is barry, im from the united states. im 5'11, brown hair , brown eyes and weigh 175 lbs. seeking good looking women for future realtionship, possibly more.
Date: 01 Jun 2009
I'm originally from the country of Romania. I have moved around several times and was able to finally call Georgia home. I like to swim and exercise here and there. I am a huge movie fan. I don't go to the movies, I like to buy them when they come out on DVD. I am also a big music fan. I love various types of music. There is probably not one moment you wouldn't see me not listening to some song. Classical Music is what I grew up on. I have a fine appreciation for the arts. I always acted older then my age. Most of the things that twenty year old's do now-like get drunk or party is really not the scene for me. I like relaxing at home-I'll watch anything on television at least once. Not a big fan of the romantic movies-it seems to me like the main title is they lived happily ever after, and its not always that way in real life. I like to write as you can probably tell already. I am not real big on relationships at this moment but don't mind talking to you, and if you like me you like me. I am my own person-no(B.S). I love to laugh-like watching movies like Mrs.Doubtfire with Robin Williams-I was practically in tears the whole time I watched it. Tears meaning tears of laughter. Right now in this period of my life I would like a relationship but the only way to build that is to be friends first. I don't mind if you want to be a friend to me-I don't have very many people that are my friends since most of them have stabbed me in the back, but the ones I do have I never want to let them go. If you would like to know more send me a message whatever you feel like at the time. I wouldn't mind hearing from you. I may not be Brad Pitt or Russell Crow, but I am uniquely myself. I am currently at the end of March going to College for Criminal Justice. Yes it's true I want to become a full fledged police officer. I want to say things like Mam' or Sir you know why I pulled you over, but the best part about becoming a police officer I think is working with the community to making living enjoyable. I have a lot of goals and aspirations, and I am determined to fulfill them, Myspace Layouts
Date: 28 Feb 2010
how are you doing there am Tracy by name am single never married here looking for serious and long term relationship and am new to this online dating stuff and i have read your profile and see that you really sound good to me and i will like to get to know you very well and see where it will lead to and hope to read from you soon and you can reach me on my yahoo list at tracycarter81 at yahoo dot com and you can send me as well so that we can chat on and you can send me invitation as well and hope to read from you soon Tracy
Date: 29 Nov 2010
im a virgin and want a lasting relationship
Date: 02 Jan 2011
Good Man look for good woman. I cook, workout, read, listen to all kind of music. I know how to treat woman like a queen so I need a woman that can treat me like the king I AM
Date: 27 Apr 2008
Hi my name is Charles I'm African American I'm 45. I enjoy females that are open minded who are willing to try new things. I love a white woman. Also I'm so polite all kind of girls and her frineds and failmy.
Date: 01 Jun 2008

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