What is LiveDating.me?

This is the new Social Network oriented for Online Dating, Love and Relationship. It is designed just like any other social network but you can be sure that other members are here for the same reason as you. This gives you assurance that you will be understood and feel comfortably while trying to establish new relationship.

Serious Relationships are encouraged!

LiveDating.me is mostly for people who look for serious relationship and long-term relationship. Actually we believe that this is the only way for harmony and piece of mind in this world. We think that all other types of relationship which are oriented for physical aspect and give only short-term satisfaction. A true friend whom you love and how loves you can not be compared to any sophisticated "pleasure" from an action oriented for your body.

Looking for someone special? Learn how LiveDating.ME can help - LiveDating.ME is actually about YOU!

Sounds interesting! Tell me more about LiveDating.me

Imaging that you could know if another person LIKES YOU or not BEFORE contacting him/her? So when you decide to send the message you already know one's attitude to you! Sounds interesting? The new online dating social network LiveDating.me works just like that, and its based on FLIRTS.

Want to meet someone? Send a Flirt!

If you like another person you can send one a Flirt, this way you are saying that you like one. In order to send a Flirt you need to click I LIKE button on his/her profile. If another person likes you - one sends a Flirt to you in a similar way. At some moment you receive Two-Way Match and here the game begins :)

How Rating works?

What to do if you don't really feel you like another person? Just click "Next" and you will be moved to the next member, with a hope to have more luck to have more in common with you. The more people you rank by clicking I LIKE or Next - the higher your own profile moves up in the rating. The higher your own profile is, the more people will notice your profile and get interested in you. This is like self-promotion when you rank others and earn points. The more points you have, the more attention you get back, thus increasing your chances for success.

Risks involved with Online Dating
Online Dating Scam is when someone registers on a dating website and creates a fake profile with an intention to get money out of other unsuspicious members. Typically dating scammers are located in CIS or African countries. They often claim to be US citizens who are temporary residing in Africa for some reasons. Usually scammers upload sexually-attractive or glamorous photos that have been actually made by professional models. As a next step they contact other users of dating websites in order to increase the level of interest in their personality. Finally they send an email stating that they are unable to continue communication unless they get financial help from their victim. This can be justified by the need of paid translator, or money for internet connection, or any other invented reasons.

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