Sphinxus Samsus

44, Morocco, Rabat-sale, Rabat

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Birth Date/Age 15 September 1975, 44 y.o.
Gender Man
Registered 11 Jan 2010
Last seen 12 Apr 2010
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I look for a serious and fruitful communication in the respect for the other one, to tilt me on another vision of the life, to have an opportunity of touch even remote the human depth of the exchange without any defined material purpose only to feel the humanity of the other one

Last seen: 12 Apr 2010

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Family status Single

My height 172

My weight 70

My hair Black, short

My eyes Brown

My frame(figure) is Normal

My personality traits are Serious, confident, calm, persistent, honest, kind, loyal, flexible, elegant, sociable, sensitive, optimistic, romantic

I speak English, French

My attitude to smoking, alcohol and drugs I'd stop smoking, i dring alcohol often, i never take drugs

Do you have children No

My Date

About my date in general "I am always doing that which I can not do, in order that I may learn how to do it.

I'm seeking for a Woman

Between 25

and 48

From United Kingdom

I'm interested in E-talks, friendship and hanging out, love, long-term relationship, sex, marriage, pro forma marriage, a room-mate

Other interest me I make sacred the woman ,I believe that there is not of so moving and so interesting as to love a person for what she is ,to accept him as human being and not an object of desire but regrettably this love is rare , I have some objectives to establish a sincere and fruitful communication with a woman i like philosophy sociology

How do I meet new people Alone

Financial interest None

I'd like to meet a person who is described as Serious, confident, calm, persistent, honest, modest, kind, loyal, flexible, sociable, communicative, cheerful, optimistic, romantic, considered

My expectations out of relationship romance

My perception of ideal relationship honest

I like to

I like physical activities Dancing, basketball, jogging

My favorite cuisine Italian, french

I have domestic animals Cat, fishes

I prefer to get gifts rather then to give No

I like music Disco, new-age

I usually read Novels, detectives, thrillers, newspapers and magazines

I like to go out to Cinema, concerts, night clubs, parks, restaurants


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Vision of perfect relationship i llok for a beautiful woman very sensitive with a romantic glance and ideal of the life what is that the life is not in the fact , in the life not only the beautiful things there is not that the good there is also the evil, this way in relationships I can say t that the majority of the men are not serious are players as you say and do not only try to satisfy their sexual drives, but for me , I look not only for the sex, so that I look for the real relation of love, for what I look on this relationships I have never believed in relationships outside by internet because there are language barriers but recently I was brought to change vision and it is wonderful to find this opportunity ,I am sincere as every single man I dream to be accommodated with a sincere and pleasant person, and as I am sincere and honest i beleive the success of a relation is sometimes also difficult because there are some criterions and factors which define the blooming and success of both aspiration, I wonder for what the fact of having the perfect self-confidence and to be in perfect security can cause this success


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