Elonzo Smith

29, United States, Washington, Seattle

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Birth Date/Age 31 December 1990, 29 y.o.
Gender Man
Registered 25 Mar 2010
Last seen 25 Mar 2010
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About Me

i am looking for the right girl to fill this empty spot and im just waiting for you who ever you are and im i nice guy to be around so just be ready im a lover not a fighter

Last seen: 25 Mar 2010

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Family status Single

My height 6 2

My weight 175

My hair Black

My eyes Brown

My frame(figure) is Athletic

My personality traits are Serious, confident, honest, sensitive, gentle, cheerful, romantic

I speak English, French

My attitude to smoking, alcohol and drugs I never smoke, i drink alcohol sometimes, i never take drugs

Do you have children No

My Date

About my date in general so for a girl i want her to have a good personality and good overal traits and likes to go out and when were alone cuddle im the type of guy to accept you for who u are basicly honesty

I'm seeking for a Woman

Between 18

and 50

From United States, Washington, Seattle

I'm interested in Love, long-term relationship, sex, a room-mate

Other interest i like football and all those other sports

How do I meet new people Alone

Financial interest Want to be a sponsor

I'd like to meet a person who is described as Confident, calm, honest, kind, flexible, communicative, sensitive, cheerful, romantic

My expectations out of relationship dont even no this is taking to long im just tryna get this little survey thing done so i can meet the one

My perception of ideal relationship love

I like to

I like physical activities Dancing, swimming, travelling, gym, basketball, football

My favorite cuisine Chinese

I have domestic animals Dog

I prefer to get gifts rather then to give Yes

I like music Classic, pop, rock, rap, reggae

I usually read Newspapers and magazines

I like to go out to Cinema, museums, concerts, night clubs, parks, restaurants


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Vision of perfect relationship um first i'll start by saying *censored* o to any one out there that is looking for the right person in there life right now and i am doing that also my ideal girlfreind is nice looking not to bad good overall and likes to get out and to be around people im very social so im the type of person that likes to be around crouds but im a mommas boy i open doors im a realy good kisser were ever we are i can make it romantic im athletic so i stay in the gym often and yey


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