Terry Jester

30, Japan, Shimane, Matsue

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Birth Date/Age 01 December 1986, 30 y.o.
Gender Man
Registered 27 Dec 2010
Last seen 23 Jan 2012
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About Me

*censored* o, I am a 24 year old romantic who plays guitar and sings at the train stations. I am an English teacher in Japan, and absolutely love my life and my job. I am honest, caring, sweet, and sometimes a little too passionate. Please keep me realistic, because I am a big dreamer.

Last seen: 23 Jan 2012

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Family status Single

My height 181

My weight 97

My hair Blond, brown, short

My eyes Blue

My frame(figure) is Normal

My personality traits are Honest, kind, gentle, cheerful, optimistic, romantic

I speak English

My attitude to smoking, alcohol and drugs I never smoke, i drink alcohol sometimes, i never take drugs

Do you have children No, but I would like to have

My Date

About my date in general I would love for her to be kind, caring, and have a great sense of humor. Most importantly we have to be able to speak and communicate. Many people say actions are greater than words, but i believe both are necessary. Showing love is one thing, but actions alone can be misinterpreted. For example. An action movie with only action and no story is not interesting. A relationship without words is a song without rhythm. Love has no meaning without the words weigh down your actions. :)

I'm seeking for a Woman

Between 20

and 28

I'm interested in E-talks, friendship and hanging out, love, long-term relationship

Other interest I play guitar, sing, write (songs and stories), drawing, reading, long-distance walks (10+ KM), running, martial arts, fitness, and chatting!

How do I meet new people Alone

Financial interest None

I'd like to meet a person who is described as Calm, honest, modest, kind, communicative, gentle, cheerful, romantic

My expectations out of relationship I expect love, doesn't everyone?

My perception of ideal relationship The one that doesn't end. Silly question!

I like to

I like physical activities Swimming, travelling, gym, hiking, volleyball, basketball, jogging, biking, billiard, football, karate

My favorite cuisine Italian, chinese, mexican, french, japanese, middle-european

I prefer to get gifts rather then to give No

I like music Classic, pop, rock

I usually read Classics, novels, science fiction, fantasy, newspapers and magazines

I like to go out to Cinema, museums, concerts, parks, restaurants, meeting with friends


Orientation Sign up

My religion is Sign up

I'm occupied in Sign up

My education is Sign up

My financial state is Sign up

My life priorities are Sign up

I stay Sign up


Vision of perfect relationship It is another day, and I am staring into those eyes again. I believe I am a strong man, but staring deep into those eyes, and glimpsing another soul that has become precious to me can make me weak at the knees. I feel that I am shaking every moment I am near her. Sometimes my words are mumbled or don't make any sense. It is as though she has put a spell on me. There could not possibly be a moment in this life where I could not find everything about her to be perfect. Many men are easily bored by predictable women, but I adore it. I love to be spontaneous and surprise people, so I cherish that perhaps she is predictable so that my surprises will always see her smile. That's just it. I live for her smile. It is the quickest way to know her feelings, and to allow myself the confidence to proceed. She laughs at all of my random humor, understanding, that sometimes I speak nonsense just to see that smile. I am a Jester. I will entertain her as my queen!


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