43, Italy, Veneto, Vicenza

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Birth Date/Age 07 November 1976, 43 y.o.
Gender Man
Speciality Spiritual
Registered 27 Dec 2008
Last seen 26 Dec 2009
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About Me

I am looking for a girl who is like me. She had few or no boyfriends and that thinks this is not bad. She loves patience, silences, to know deeply the people. She should not judge me on the basis of the dates that I could offer, nor compare me with her past "friends", but just accept me. Her greatest moral principle must be eternal devotion to a single boy. No alcohol abuse, smoke; absolutely no drugs, tattoos, piercings, disco-pubs, but formative readings, classical music. Dreaming together in everyday life, watch each other in the eyes to find the soul beyond the apparence, the angel who is inhabitating the spirit. (Sorry for my English, Italian is a language much more sweet and poetic!)

Last seen: 26 Dec 2009

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Family status Single

My height 190

My weight 70

My hair Medium

My eyes Green-brown

My frame(figure) is Slim

My personality traits are Serious, calm, honest, modest, kind, sensitive, gentle, romantic

I speak English, Italian

My attitude to smoking, alcohol and drugs I never smoke, i never drank alcohol, i never take drugs

Do you have children No

My Date

About my date in general Sweet like me

I'm seeking for a Woman

Between 35

and 18

From Italy

I'm interested in Love, long-term relationship, marriage

How do I meet new people Alone

I'd like to meet a person who is described as Serious, calm, persistent, honest, modest, kind, loyal, sensitive, gentle, romantic

My expectations out of relationship To find an angel

My perception of ideal relationship Eternal

I like to

My favorite cuisine Italian

I have domestic animals Cat

I prefer to get gifts rather then to give Maybe

I like music Classic

I usually read Classics

I like to go out to Cinema, museums, concerts


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