Innocent Princess

27, Japan, Hokkaido, Sapporo

Innocent Girlie for The Right Knight!
General information
Birth Date/Age 01 January 1988, 27 y.o.
Gender Woman
Speciality Smoke-Free
Registered 16 Dec 2009
Last seen 05 Mar 2015
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About Me

Hullo, privet! Chto novogo? What made me takin' to here, uh, maybe wishing there's a good ol' knight-in-shining-armour thingy still? I know it is a tad cheesey lol, but I mean a loyal person who doesn't treat a girl like an object... Y'know am still a human with feelings, who would want to be used-up? Well, no one. I know life is questionable and some ppl are waaay atrocious, but you can't change the ppl and better focus on fruitful things... Life is prolly at once, why you waste for badasses and disgrace your innocent spirit? I gave up asking why or figure the thing out, coz simply it doesn't work. I'd rather to stay positive (yea trying to be) Okay, time for my cliché *on the mic* I'm smoke/alcohol free (never even smoked), not a vegan but I like watching animals with a cutie paw lol. Hobbies/Interests... prolly I'm on creative side, do something with my hands (don't be naughty, man) such as sewing and handwork, design, medieaval stuff, work out, yeah I like making clothes. I can play manly hardcore video games like boys do. My taste in music...? I'm not the type who follow the charts and I do listen to even 90s music if I'm in the mood coz good music is like in the fridge still. I really don't mind. But genre, I wouldn't feel hot in typical, cheapy eurobeat like a skinny guy in speedo grindin' back n forth Come on BB, blah. Do you understand that cheesiness... duh lol It's just not my thing, turns me off. Otherwise, I'm not a brandname-chaser. Simply I ain't interested and I use even cheap stuff if the design is good! Diamonds are not my best friend (sorry Marilyn), but at least a note of warm message is my best friend :) What is important, it is you care about me whatever you are my friend or man. Not the price tag. Also remember your handmade wins against any brandname bags. So my purpose of using this hawt place, I go with a friendship. Time tells afterward. But man, if it is a relationship, I prefer a man without children because it's hard to be the best mom for other kids. Y'know, this is my kindness for the kids. Maybe No more divorced men as well coz the reason of the divorce is terrifying sometimes? I'm not rushing for marriage at all coz I want to enjoy this fresh thing with you. Eventually, but it's not really the goal for me. I ain't picky about your looks unless you are life-threatening obese. man. Stay fit and alive, if you love me... The soldiers looking for one-night-stand, not me. I'm TOO innocent for that adventure. Needless to say, NO drug users. Some guys outta there, I believe you are Da Man, just don't say too much empty promises if you can't make them real... BTW my pics intentionally state Copyrighted but some ppl stole my pic and used it dunno why, so had to do it anyway. I am the real McCoy. *turn off my mic* hehe... :)

Last seen: 05 Mar 2015

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Family status Single

My height 5' 3"

My weight 117

My hair Blond, brown, long, wavy

My eyes Light-brown

My frame(figure) is Athletic

My personality traits are Kind, romantic, sensitive, serious

I speak English

My attitude to smoking, alcohol and drugs I never drank alcohol, i never smoke, i never take drugs

Do you have children No

My Date

About my date in general It doesn't have to be extremely staged but kinda laid back, with a comfy mood we don't feel much anxious. I'm too innocent for a wild thang, so don't ask me for it :P

I'm seeking for a Man

Between 18

and 48

I'm interested in E-talks, friendship and hanging out, love, long-term relationship, marriage, shopping together

Other interest Sorry but no divorced men anymore :/

How do I meet new people Alone

Financial interest None

I'd like to meet a person who is described as Confident, gentle, honest, kind, loyal, purposeful, serious

My expectations out of relationship N/A

My perception of ideal relationship N/A

I like to

I like physical activities Aerobics, biking, dancing, shaping

My favorite cuisine Italian, japanese, mexican, middle-european

I prefer to get gifts rather then to give Yes

I like music Pop, rock

I usually read Newspapers and magazines, thrillers

I like to go out to Cinema, parks, restaurants


Orientation Sign up

My religion is Sign up

I'm occupied in Sign up

My education is Sign up

My financial state is Sign up

My life priorities are Sign up

I stay Sign up


Essay I can promise that I won't have an affair with another. So you shouldn't be a flirt, or I'll be quite shocked. If you think you are flirtish, please find another chick before hooking up.


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