Innocent Princess

28, Japan, Hokkaido, Sapporo

General information
Birth Date/Age 01 January 1986, 28 y.o.
Gender Woman
Speciality Smoke-Free
Registered 16 Dec 2009
Last seen 19 Nov 2014
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About Me

Hullo. Privet! Why am I here? Well, coz I wish I had a knight in shining armour :) I've been afraid of dating someone coz of what I have seen/heard, y'know what, grievous betrayals, flirtations, and violence. Actually it's waste of my heart and time to sacrifice myself for such tragic events. I'm alcohol/smoke free (never even smoked). I have various hobbies/interests. Sewing/design, films, music, play the piano, medieaval, egyptian belly dancing, and so on. Also I love to play with animals, I can touch all kind of animals even insects and reptile. I ain't judgmental. I'm not into brand names like Vuitton. I don't even have brand names. I'm the only one, not one of robots, duh. Music? I just don't fancy cheesey Eurobeat just repeating same thin lame beats, boom-ha boom-ha. Ppl in r/t call me seksee bleh bleh, but don't judge by my looks. I ain't that easy. NO visa seekers and beggers. I ain't from rich side. Sorry, but no more divorced men (don't get me into trouble...) and men with children (I'm not enuff mature to raise someone's child! lol), nooo men from India... No Allah-akbaring guys also coz you can't make me Muslim. BEHOLD! :down: NO MARINES AND ENGLISH TEACHERS (if you are looking for one-night-stand, go get find another chick becoz I'm not the right one). I ain't picky about looks of men but petite skinny men are definitely TURN-OFF. Coz they could never save me from a danger. Also they shouldn't say "cheesey empty promises"... Can you melt the ice of my heart with your faithful heart? Haha. :) Oh BTW, even if you are a celebrity or an actor, like I told you that I won't favour you. I'll treat you like a normal person coz I'm not interested in fame, but the personality of you. I'm not a star4ucker. NO DRUG USERS (INCLUDES WEED.) My pics intentionally state Copyrighted but it's to avoid being used by the third person. I am the real McCoy.

Last seen: 19 Nov 2014

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Family status Single

My height 5' 3"

My weight 117

My hair Blond, brown, long, wavy

My eyes Light-brown

My frame(figure) is Athletic

My personality traits are Kind, romantic, sensitive, serious

I speak English

My attitude to smoking, alcohol and drugs I never drank alcohol, i never smoke, i never take drugs

Do you have children No

My Date

About my date in general Hmmm, I ain't good at leading someone, so don't ask me! I'm so... innocent and sensitive (physically innocent too!) . I might be hopeless romantic lol... XD Don't make me blush! BTW I've been skint due to hard times... I'm not joking. So I won't be able to go to expensive restaurants or anywhere that costs a lot... Besides I don't even have a driving lisence. So pls don't suggest any expensive place or way too far place if your gentleman. :) Oh! I almost FORGOT! I'm good at various things, except I'm the worst chef you've EVER seen Actually I'm afraid of sharpen huge knives... Dunno how to use them withNO hurting my fingers... LOL Anyways, I'm not hurrying for marriage. We can start talking like just friends then you might fall in love, who knows? It's way better than ending vain marriage as a ruined man and a woman lol, innit? ;) "Life is a farce. I can't breathe thru this mask like a fool" -I need the brave to save me from my unhappy, unfair background.-

I'm seeking for a Man

Between 18

and 39

I'm interested in E-talks, friendship and hanging out, shopping together, travel together

Other interest None. At least he shouldn't be a divorced man (ruined man).

How do I meet new people Alone

Financial interest None

I'd like to meet a person who is described as Confident, gentle, honest, loyal, purposeful, serious

My expectations out of relationship N/A

My perception of ideal relationship N/A

My Preferences

I like physical activities Biking, dancing, shaping

My favorite cuisine French, italian, japanese, mexican, middle-european

I have domestic animals Birds

I prefer to get gifts rather then to give Yes

I like music Pop, rock

I usually read Thrillers

I like to go out to Cinema, parks


Orientation Sign up

My religion is Sign up

I'm occupied in Sign up

My education is Sign up

My financial state is Sign up

My life priorities are Sign up

I stay Sign up


Essay I can promise that I won't have an affair with another. So you shouldn't be a flirt, or I'll be quite shocked. If you think you are flirtish, please find other chicks before start a conversation. :)


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